Craziness, Booze, News and Reviews - it will all be here! The cast will be providing a constant stream of new content for you to enjoy. Join us and see just how far into the maw of madness we descend..

I can't say I thought this day would ever really come, but it has and I just want to thank you all for helping us get to this point. We really appreciate all the support you show us and we hope this will be as fun for you guys as it is for us. So please let us know what you think!

The next thing you guys should expect from me is a review of some sort. I did a video review on my P1 Legendary Scale Bust a few weeks ago prepping for the arrival of the P2 bust. So I may do a write up along with that and post it. I would have already had a review up for my P2 bust, but unfortunately there were some quality control issues and it had to go back to Sideshow.

Well that is enough of my rambling! I now leave you with a photo of some of the more recent additions to my collection:

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