A welcome from Ichab0d

Inside the box, with Ichab0d

So, that up there is going to be the name of my new upcoming review section of our little site here. But first a small introduction. I'm Ichab0d. with a zero because the "o" was stolen. or already used, depending on your point of view. I love toys, I love toy design, and I love talking about toys. Sounds interesting you say, well my friend let me tell you more.
I plan on using most of my space here for toy reviews. Mostly pictorial reviews with text, but occasionally I'll have some videos up too. Really going to have fun as it will give me a excuse to photograph toys, which I've always loved to do.

I plan on spending a lot of what I talk about on incoming to be directed to here. So expect less of me rambling and making incoming 4 hours long and more of me sending you here, to check out my reviews. I love talking about toys, and now I'll have a space on the web to do so where time won't necessarily be a issue.

Speaking of reviews, I've actually done a handful of them for my youtube channel, but it doesn't get updated as often as it should. Like I said now that I have this lovely little corner of the web, I can throw it all here

That up there is a link to my youtube, in case you fine folks wanted to see what I've already done, both before my time with the show and during. 

So I think I have droned on long enough here, but I figured I would introduce myself, and a bit about what I'm planning on doing with my role in the Preorder66 website. I'm honestly really excite, and I already have a few things lined up to talk about on here.

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