i.e. A$$ Pain
Recorded 06.20.2013

BONE SAW IS READYYY. Are you?  Hot Toys puts the Calories in Kal-El. Arcadia gives Macross internet know-it-alls the bird. Who will Bee your new favorite Masterpiece Transformer? Get down to the soothing sounds of A$$ Pain. Heh, pugsuits. PUGsuits. Ha.

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You Cray, Rei
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You COO, Brain Guy.

Kenny Rogers, "The Gambler"

And *MY* AXE. A$$. A$$ PAIN.

Get aHEAD. Ha. Oh. Oh, that's baaad.
And... umm, THIS.



  1. About Superman *SPOILERS FOLLOW*
    I think the movie was *good*, but Superman stopped caring about people who were outside of his direct line of sight the second he first punched Zod in Kansas. If he cared, he would have steered the fights OUT of Smallville, OUT of the STILL INTACT parts of Metropolis. Inexperience only goes so far. He simply. Did. Not. Care. Unless the people were right in front of him. For that matter, he *never* cared unless the people who needed help were right in front of him.

  2. Hey guys, love the podcast, but when you do these posts it would be even better if we could get links to the items you're talking about. Sometimes I'll be listening to you guys during a drive, hear what you're talking about, and be like "damn, I wish I could go to that image gallery", but then I end up forgetting what it was called and feel sad... and then have to listen again.

  3. I would listen to Totsugeki Butt Pain.

  4. You guys should really consider sticking Tina in for every intermission. She has a better sense of humor than half of you toy addicts.

    Or maybe not, maybe just keep her time on the podcast limited for now. It makes for a nice treat now and then. In any case, make sure to let her know her appearance was greatly appreciated.

  5. This episode made a very long night much more bearable. Great episode guys.

    1. I'm thinking we talk only about paleo dieting next episode. Hehehe.

  6. Agree with Ted. On both accounts.
    I think I've listened to #48 thrice for those very reasons too.

    Did I miss JackSack's comments on MP-10 and Maphex, or did you miss/cancel them? Been hanging out to hear what you had to say about them, and only thing I remember was some coffee table decor...

    Anyway, thanks again for an enjoyable listen.

    1. I've had the TRU MP-10 for a few months. He's great! Worth every stinkin' penny!

      Mafex hasn't come in yet for me- I ordered him from a US retailer (the price was right) so I'll have to wait another couple of weeks probably.

  7. Oh yeah and speaking of norwegian metal and superman soundtracks to a movie I ain't seen yet,

    http://amonamarth.com/ are awesome!

    Just youtube any of their songs. Their entire playlist is an epic soundtrack for Thor. I'm surprised they weren't used in the movie. Shit I love them!!!