Star Trek: The Next Generation "Holo Marrow" An Original Episode by PREORDER66.COM

Captain Picard is taught a lesson in workplace sensitivity. Lt. Barclay gets his Sci-Fi on and Riker teaches Worf how to ride a bicycle. What could possibly go wrong?



America, as it was meant to be
Indiana Jones is easily the last cowboy of modern American filmmaking. The archetype will endure and I'm sure you can rattle of names off movies since this one to counter my assertion, but the horse and whip aside, this really is the last time we get a character who is an undisputed, real American hero.


Ichabod and Lootcrate

So this happened today, I rolled the dice and didn't come up snake eyes.

Inside the box with Ichabod presents:SUPER REVIEWS WARS DX

Bandai Master Grade Jesta From Gundam Unicorn by @dreyga_kun from CollectionDX

Hello to all of the fine listeners, viewers, and readers of Preorder66!This is Dkun AKA @dreyga_kun from CollectionDX here to bring you a special review for the Preorder66 site. Now I wanted to review something that would be both a little bit different, but also relevant to the interests of the general audience of the podcast, so I figured this would be a good time to do a tangent of my own and tell you a little bit about my latest experience with Bandai's Master Grade model kit line.


PREORDER66.COM is going to NYCC 2014!

Crasis did not harm this toy.
For the fourth year in a row, Preorder66 will be attending NYCC 2014, scheduled to take place Oct. 9-12, 2014. Last year, we snagged some great exclusive news from Tamashii Nations/Bluefin and we're looking forward to meeting up with them again, along with many other companies both within and beyond the toy community.

Also, #WatchArrow because we're going to be all over Stephen Amell this year. What? No, ma'am.

Inside the box with Ichabod presents:

S.H.Figuarts MMPR Blue Ranger from Tamashii Nations/Bluefin 



"Jek Porkins" by Hasbro: Video Toy Review

Heroic Rebel or suicidal renegade? Let us consider the man who was Jek Porkins.


"Achk Med-Beq" by Hasbro: Video Toy Review

What words can do this toy justice? My words, bitches.

"Commander Spock" by Playmates: Video Toy Review

This is my first video toy review. If you like Star Trek, you should watch it. If you don't like Star Trek, you should watch it too, but you'll probably feel less awesome after watching it. I don't speak Klingon in the video. That language is beneath me. I believe in the freedoms granted under the flag of the Federation. Where was I? Ah, yes, the video:



Every year at every convention I go to I try to make a conscious effort to document some of the great cosplay that I see. It's difficult to capture them all, and being the person I am I tend not to bother people for pictures the best that I can. With some 130,000+ attendees each day at San Diego Comic-Con it is near impossible to capture them all, but surprisingly I was able to get pictures of more amazing costumes than I have in previous years at SDCC.

This is only a very small sampling of some of the amazing stuff I saw in San Diego this year. Sometimes you just get caught in a wave of people and don't have the ability to swim upstream and be able to get your equipment ready in time to get that shot. One that I really regret missing was a Hugh Heffner Captain Kirk mashup with a gaggle of Star Fleet bunnies surrounding him, but by the time I made it over to take their picture Kirk was ushering them on hastily.