Hot Toys Snake Eyes was just released over in Hong Kong, so we should be seeing him over here in North America in about a month or so. Until then we have plenty of great in hand pictures of the production model from early reviewers. The shots I will be sharing with you are all from OMG.

When I saw these pictures today I was really blown away by how great this figure looks to have come out. In some of these shots its hard to tell its even a figure. This design of Snake Eyes does a great job of hiding the joints and its even hard to see the wrist pegs in a bunch of these shots. 

I went from thinking this was a really good design for Snake Eyes from a movie that was ok if not a bit forgettable to really wanting this figure. Do these shots change your mind about the figure? Have you wanted it all along? Let me know what you guys think and enjoy the rest of the pictures.


  1. OMG, great photos (some are boring) but looks like he turned out nice. I'm keeping my baby (PO).

    1. There are more dynamic photos I just grabbed some showing off different angles. Im really glad this came out so nice. HT said they are going to add more to this line so im still hoping we will see a Cobra Commander and done as well as this.

  2. I sure hope they make Cobra Commander, his design is just perfect.

  3. He turned out amazing. I'm tempted to go for him, and I didn't even like the movie. It does seem like he's missing something... maybe an oversized Cosby sweater?

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