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Revoltech no.124 Eva-02 with new equipment

Man, what a mouth full. But don't tell her that. She'll get pissed.

 A face only a crazy one eyed half German half Japanese red-head could love.
I told myself I was done with revoltechs, especially Evangelion revoltechs. But there I am, in deep once again. Why you ask? Because I have owned multiple versions, across multiple iterations, and I'm still buying revoltech Evangelion figures. But hey, this one is the best of the them, so far.
 I figured I would start with the reason I bought this, because of Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33, the newest movie. While it lack any kind of real plot, it sure looked pretty and had some cool robot designs in it. This being from the opening scenes of the Toy Commercia.....er film. But look at that heat shield and rifle! HUGE.
 Getting her into is is relatively easy, with a large peg her back plugs into in place of her umbilical cable. Its mostly Sturdy, but if you lean her to far forward it will pop out. The shield is made of 3 pieces, the top and bottom sliding together, and a third middle piece pegging in on top of them. It is a damn sturdy connection, one I am unsure I will be able to safely pull apart, so that's a plus. The rifle is made of a rigid material, but the barrel does have some give to it so it won't snap super easily. Definitely something to be wary of though.
This is where she plugs in, it's made to fit her back perfectly, and it does. The detailing here is also pretty top notch. This whole heat shield it made of very rigid hard plastic, not the semi-gummy material the revoltechs can be made out of. The clear base is 2 revo-stands clipped together by a x shaped piece, a normal clear revo-arm, and then a clear solid revoltech "joint". it is molded in one solid piece, to support the weight, and at a 90 degree angle. Nice touch to throw that in there. On top of that is a long solid pole, where a white revoltech joint plugs in the bottom of the heat shield's Eva harness. It all stands pretty well, thankfully. If this build failed, it would be a huge hit to my enjoyment of the figure.
 Here's a shot of the front of the shield, showing off the paint work on it. All crisp and clean, it really looks great in it's muted dull colors. And you can start t see how dynamic this toy can be. She poses insanely well.
 Very insanely well. Also this pose was done with no stand. I found her center of balance to be pretty astounding. The revoltech joints on mine where a bit lose in the elbows and wrists, but the knees/hips/ankles are all solid and click-y.
 Here she is with her crossbow, which is molded in the same material as her heat shield. Solid, and minimal paint apps, she can get hold it with one hand or two, with no problems.Speaking of hands....
 ...yup. that is a lot of them. some feel like they were repainted from previous releases and put in here. Which is cool, more hands are generally always better. They swap in with a simple tiny revoltech joint, that is pretty easy to remove and re-peg on my toy. I know sometimes QC can be wonky with these.
She also comes with two progressive knives, which ARE re-packed from the Rebuild 2.0 move Unit-02. Once again, not complaining here, throwing in more easy to make accessories is always cool, especially because the heat shield and rifle are so big and well sculpted. Once again she poses extremely well, and hold her balance.
Yes, I made her do a rider kick. It happened in the show! stop judging me. She can get into action poses very naturally, thanks to the more dynamic sculpting Yamaguchi puts into his revoltechs. Most of the body has a good solid sculpt with crisp paint and good details.
 Like I said, most of the body. Her head.... eh. I get that it is damaged and had a metal plate and jaw attached, but this looks.....mushy. Its not as crisp and hard as I want it to be, especially for metal plating attached to a more organic base. its mildly disappointing, and a problem revoltech has had for a while.
 Speaking of mushy, her waist is rubber. Starting and the black under the Top of the torso with the yellow pattern, down to the obvious and hard to hide gap at the hips, is all rubber. It doesn't cut up the sculpt, but it does hinder the articulation. Also the red and white pieces attached to it are off center, and there is no fixing it. Which once again, is a bummer.
 Here's a different angle on that gap. Its there to allow for a great range of movement from the torso but it just looks way weird. It only really shows in a neutral pose, thankfully.
 The hip design though, is insane. Combining a revoltech joint, a swing joint, and a black filler piece also on a hinge joint, gets some crazy amount of poses. Ax kicks are a thing that can happen, which rules. The knees have a fantastic range of motion as well, due to the think lower legs and thighs. Nothing on these legs, from the toe joint to the hips feel like a hindrance. Its all built to be dynamic and fun.
 The elbows and shoulder are pretty standard fare, good range of motion, and pretty natural looking. The should pylons are interesting, though. Using a tiny revoltech joint, they peg into the should of the figure, not the torso like ones past. This allows them to move more naturally with the arms, and get in the way much less often. though it does still happen. 
 The pack detail work also suffers from the rubber on the midsection, but not as bad as up front. overall there is not to much to say about this one way or the other.
 Her neck is just as crazy as the hips, with it able to extend forward a good amount, and a red rubber piece built into to make it look more like a natural movement. Nice touch, but the less rubber the better. It degrades over time, gets stick with age, and it is hard to get dust off of it once that happens. 
 The detail work on the hand of the large rifle is all pretty top notch. I'm a fan of this gun. It looks mean, and powerful. Plus, it's the size of a skyscraper. How cool is that?

 She can hold her guns in a two handed fashion pretty damn naturally, due to the sculpting of the arms, and the revoltech joints. She is a fun solid figure, and the only way to get this version of Eva-02. There is a second 02 hitting later this year that is bulkier, based off of her appearance at the end of Rebuild 3.33. Also that one has the robot arm, which rules. But I do dig this one, even though it is far from perfect. It is still a cool toy, that combined with the large rifle and giant heat shield makes for a impressive display piece. Worth the 40 or so bucks it goes for? Yes. You get a lot of bang for your buck here, but it is a revoltech and the joint is showing its age.

I'm into this line for the rest of the 3.33 movie designs, so expect some more of these from me over the coming months. Though as they use a lot of shared parts, they'll likely be a bit shorter. :D

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  1. I'm glad the Revoltech turned out well. I ordered Unit 8 and Unit 2-Dash, and hearing this one doesnt fall over its own shield makes me excited for then both.