RICK JAMES AND SY SNOOTLES: TheJackSack™ Tangent Of The Week

This morning, I was blasting Rick James' "Give It To Me Baby" while hanging on every word from my Google Maps app in a desperate search for the nearest gas station to refuel my car. Amidst this chaos, it hit me that the horn section from this song matches perfectly with the one in "Lapti Nek" from RETURN OF THE JEDI. Out of gas, late for work, lost in the tree-lined wilderness of Connecticut, and all I could think was "Holy shit! Did John Williams rip off Rick James? Bitch!"

I eventually got gas but more importantly I found a new perspective on Rick James.



  1. The video seals it - Sy Snoodles may have been...RICK JAMES' BITCH. She stole his musical secrets. And shared them with her Galactic Pimp, Max Rebo! :O

  2. Lucas should have just CG'd in Rick James instead of that furry alien singer