One of our longest running gags finally comes to an end, and with that I welcome you all to Preorder66.com! I can't believe it has been two years since Empire, Crasis, and Jarodimus spoke with me at BotCon about sitting down to record with them once in a while, and two years later here we are.

If you would have told me two years ago that we would eventually be known for German fetish birds, chlamydia, our own demented Tokusatsu fiction, and putting our dicks in stuff I would have said "WHERE DO I SIGN UP?"  So yes I have always felt right at home here (even in my temporary leave of absence) and couldn't ask for a greater group of people to be on this journey with. 

Now we start a new extension of this journey that began two years ago with the website and we hope to have a little something here for everyone. Many thanks to all of you who have supported us and our insanity over the last two years. We couldn't do this without you and the amazing amount of love we get is both humbling and motivating. We hope you all enjoy this next step for Preorder66.

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