i.e. NYCC 2013
Recorded 10.13.2013

Crasis stops by the Bluefin/Tamashii Nations booth during NYCC 2013 to discuss monsters, Jaegers, robits, rangers and Miley Cyrus (?) with Bandai's Adam Newman.

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Please leave comments below to have your voice heard for potential future Tamashii Nations products! What music artist(s) would you like to see in S.H.Figuarts form? Let us know!


  1. You want some S.H. Musicarts suggestions eh? - No problems!
    - Rammstein
    - Black Sabbath (Dio & Ozzy-era)
    - Slipknot
    - Rob Zombie
    - Judas Priest
    - Pantera (Dimebag!)
    - Marilyn Manson
    - Dethklok
    - Dimmu Borgir
    - Mudvayne
    - Gwar
    - Lordi
    - Mushroomhead
    - Iron Maiden
    - King Diamond
    - Twisted Sister
    - Queen
    - Alice Cooper
    - Kiss
    - Meatloaf
    - ACDC
    - Bon Jovi
    - Gorillaz
    - Eminem
    - Snoop Dogg/Lion/Whatever The Hell he's calling himself these days
    - 2Pac
    - Beastie Boys
    - Elvis
    - Michael Jackson
    - Tenacious D

  2. Music Figuarts??? Wtf??

    Why not more kamen rider and super sentai villains, you know the monster of the week?
    Why not more super sentai figuarts?
    Why not more aliens and predator monsterarts?
    Why not more Godzilla monsters as monsterarts? Gamera?
    Why not pacific rim as monsterarts?
    Why not more animes as figuarts, YuYu Hakusho? Saint Seiya? Dragon Ball? Rurouni Kenshin? Shurato?
    Why not more games as d-arts or figuarts? Wheres the rest of SNK characters? Only Terry? Capcom games? Tekken? Soul Calibur? Mortal Kombat?
    Why not Marvel and DC characters as figuarts? (comic based)
    Why not Star Wars figuarts?

    There is so many good thing to make figuarts, monsterarts and d-arts, why make some music figuarts?

  3. here are the figures id love to see, but Godzilla 1964 was top on my list next to Godzilla 2000 so those are taken care of, but there is the others id love to see
    Gamera (all of em!)
    Godzilla Vs King Kong Two Pack
    60s Rodan and Ghidorah (with Ghidorah in Scale with Godzilla and Rodan) also Mecha Ghidorah! (with fixed wings please!)
    Baragon, Hedorah (do him like Destoroyah with all his different forms?) a Tanks/Planes/Buildings pack we could set up to have our beloved Kaiju knock down!
    War of the Gargantua's two pack
    Original Godzilla, Final Wars Godzilla, Zilla (or Godzilla 1998 in America) New 2014 Godzilla
    Gremlins Stripe
    1984 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    -Mack King (it wouldnt let me sign in with my FB account)

  4. Hi, im from Venezuela and i wanted to know if you guys have plans for making the Godzilla 89 from the movie Godzilla vs Biollante

    also wanted to know why just why you have to make kong that big, he could have look great next 94 godzilla but now he looks like he is gonna eat godzilla or just crash his head whit one punch, he looks better next to 95 goji but is not the same ._., im wating for godzilla 200 to be released i bet he is gonna look great fighting kongwhit that larger body of his

  5. Rammstein!
    Dredd (2012)!

  6. Where is the Gosie Rangers/Megaforce Power Rangers Figuarts??? My Gosieknight is Lonely

  7. How about remodeling/Remaking Kamen Rider Decade??? He Needs a new Helmet, A loose belt I.E. Kamen Rider Wizard belt, and better paint application.
    The First Decade was more traditional, eyelets wise but the rest of him screamed help.
    Power Rangers Megaforce Figuarts I want to get done. I didnt get why you would put out Gosieknight and not continue with the rest of the Group???

  8. Yeah, where's all the cool stuff because this podcast makes these figures.

    I've got a strange sense of Déjà vu listening to this.

  9. You mentioned Robot Jox!

    Crasis I <3 you

  10. I would love to see Muse since I love that band and they are rife with potential for figures just due to the wide array of instruments and visuals they use in their live shows.

  11. I would like to see a Mr Satan to go on my DBZ figuarts shelf.

  12. you know what I want, MASTER FRICKIN ASIA

    its been 5 years tamashii nations, please give him us

  13. I'm a big fan of the figuart line.I'm also a fan of pop/rock. I would love to see a music figure of Queen like Freddie Mercury,Brian May,Roger Taylor,John Deacon.

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