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OMFG Series 3 With OTMFG Zombie Pheyden

 Guys, look at these Mini figures! So outlandish! HA!
So this is a change for this site, but I'm happy to be doing it. OMFG is a toy line kickstarted and crowd designed from October Toys in the vein of Monster in my Pocket, and other small rubber lines back in the day. Now when I say crowd designed, I mean literally, they held a contest and 5 designs from 5 different people won. Pretty damn cool, if you ask me. Then they took it to kickstarter, and there was enough demand to do it 2 more times, which brings us to series 3.

 First up is Tencan, designs by friend of the site and super cool artist dude, Nik Sardos (T16Skyhopp on twitter), as well as Richard Brown and Bryan Fulk. Right out the gate you can see the detail that went into the design here, right down to tons of suckers on the tentacles! Tencan reminds me of some of my favorite design elements right from the 80's TMNT line. It looks like a space monster landed in that can and is tyring to be a person. He blends right in! There are even little bolts holding the peg leg to the can. Due to the peg leg, he has a bit of trouble standing, but it's not like he'll break if he falls over.

 Next we have Barbarianaut, from Charles Marsh. Clearly a mix of a barbarian and astronaut he is a hilarious design and makes me think of space vikings. Which would be trouble. Once again the detail here is great, the big poofy boots, the skull patch on the arm, the weird astro backpack, and then a classic sword and axe. My favorite element is the helmet with the horns and mohawk on it. Pretty hilarious.

 The figure that pushed Crasis over the edge on here, is Pugnacious! Designed by Bill MacKay and George Gaspar. It's a Pug, on a big muscle dude's body. Also Pierced nipples, so there's that. This makes me think of the Martian experiments from Mars Attacks. It's so simple, but I love it so damn much. I wanna give him a big hug, but I think he would be all oily and sweaty. Gross.

 FRUIT PUNCH!!! The minds of Scott Tolleson and George Gaspar, is mighty hilarious. He even has faint lines of bar code sculpted into his back! It's a fun idea and well executed. The face oozing out of the front is a great touch, as well as the boxing gloves. I don't really have much to say here, it speaks for itself, really.

 Dr.Decay from Jonathan Wojcik And George Gaspar, a skeleton covered in what looks like mushrooms or other gross fungus, it is a very complicated design and is transfered well here. Even the bottoms of his feet are covered in flat circles. The underside of the hat has mushroom like lines in it, and kind of weirds me out. He looks gross, and not in a cool movie gross way, in a "This would terrify me encountering in a dark alley/forest" kind of way. Neat Mini figure though.

 Zombie Pheyden, from Onell Design, L'Amour Supreme and Geroge Gaspar. This is based off the Glyos line of toys, specifically the Pheyden character. The detail here is amazing. All Gooey and gross, exposed brain up top and rips melded into the armor. He really looks like a bio-mechanical monster, and I love it. This was included if you spent $25 or more on the kickstarter, but will be available directly from October Toy's website. He is not directly part of OMFG Series 3, but part of the OTMFG, October Toys Mini Figure guy. If you want just Pheyden here, you have that option. He's not as tall as a Glyos figure though, but he is a neat little toy.

 The group here with my Blood Rage colored Seres 1 guys. So yeah, they will be releasing these in TONS of colors, I'm sure. Flesh is the most available, with black being the kickstarter exclusive, and the other upcoming colors being exclusive to various conventions/online retailers. Series 1 and 2 both had 17 different colorways. Yeah......Lots of choices. But most are limited, so grab them if you want them. These are designer toys, most colors stick around long enough to grab it, but don't wait to long.

 As you can see they are tiny, a little over an inch tall. Next to them is the Glyos system Armorvore who is a bit over 2 inches tall. Mini figures indeed!

 And with a S.H.Figuarts.

These guys are way cool, and having friend of the Podcast Nik's design in hand is even cooler. But I also like these little rubber toys. I was excited to see the S.L.U.G Zombies in stores, and now there are Garbage Pail Kids ones. If you like tiny detailed figures, these are clearly for you. So much love goes into the OMFG line, that it wouldn't happen if people didn't love it. Every Series is crowd funded, crowd designed, and made by fans for fans. It's something I'm happy to help support.

As for our friend Nik, he is a great artist. Go check out his store Here also he will have a small run of  Tencan in a pink color with unique packaging.

If you are interested in designing a figure for a possible series 4, go check out the October Toys Forum 


  1. Thanks for checking these out! Very glad to be a part of this set and glad people are digging them. <3

  2. I've been looking forward to coverage of these guys by somebody. Great to get a good look at them!