Sideshow Exclusive Deadpool Premium Format Figure Review

Historically I have never been much of a statue guy, and the same seems to go with most of the Preorder66 cast. Once in a great while a piece comes along that transcends your own personal collecting style and expectations that you feel you just have to get in on, even if it doesn't really mesh with what you collect. This year one of those moments happened for me in the form of the Deadpool Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

Calling this a "figure" is a little bit of a misnomer as it is basically a 1/4 scale statue. The problem with reviewing a statue is there really isn't much to say...it's a fucking statue. I've let this review sit here and rot for about a month while I think of some clever things to say or someway to make it interesting and I just can't do it, so since I mentioned it on our podcast I figured I would add some more meaningless text and pictures and shit this one out for you. First we have a box.

Deadpool's torso in box form!
They have Deadpool scribbles all over the box, which is both appropriate and appreciated with the release. It's really kind of odd talking about a box, you can't really get pumped up for a box can you? "Man I can't wait to find a place to display that box!" But then if I DON'T show you the box it's all "WTF is wrong with you amateur! You forgot the fucking box shots dickhead!" so here...look at the box some more.

Deadpool has written all over every side of the box
There I gave you two whole box angles so be happy about that.

So this is the part where I open the box and dig out the goodies. There's a statue, two heads, two right hands, a left hand, two swords, and the base. Here's the base in case you are curious.

The base is a Deadpool symbol with bullets all around the circumference
Next I will show you how Deadpool comes out of the box without anything attached. There are stumps where stuff is supposed to go. I am sure you can figure that one out.

Just don't call him "Stumpy"
You can display that as battle damage Deadpool! This is some hard hitting shit isn't it? Now let's put everything together and show you one of the display options for this piece.

Srs face with pistol in the right hand.
So first we have the option of using the totally serious (realistic? gritty?) head sculpt along with a pistol for the right hand. The Sideshow exclusive version has an optional right hand holding a rubber chicken with dynamite up it's ass which I will show in the next image, followed by some words you probably wont care about.

Add chicken stuffed with dynamite...Instant hilarity!
At LEAST this statue has swap out hands and heads so it puts it a few notches above other statues, which I assume is a reason why they call this a Premium Format "Figure". You can look at that as accessories, or if you want to get creative you can try saying that's his articulation but you probably wont make too many friends with a ridiculous attitude like that. Let's take a closer look at those right hand options.

Pistol hand, yes that pistol says "CHIMICHANGA XP" on it.
A rubber chicken in a very uncomfortable position
Not sure how canonical the "CHIMICHANGA XP" pistol is as I have not read every single piece of Deadpool media ever so I am sure that there must be some basis for that, and not solely based on his fondness for Mexican food (or the approximation of Mexican food). The chicken is the piece that helps this statue to stand out and add to Deadpool's ridiculous factor, because that is so fucking Deadpool.

Oh yeah I mentioned two heads, let's look at those real quick. I'll just show both of them, and ramble on a little bit more.

Totally srs OMG XTREEEEEM head
LOL hai guise! 'Member me from the comix?
Two heads are better than one. Ok really sorry about that one, it was lame. It is nice to have two different display options for the head because they each add a different feel to the piece overall. And you could always tie a rope around one and hang it somewhere nearby and pretend it's Headpool or something. Now let's check out the articulation on this bad boy.

Turn that base
That's right...It's a fucking statue. So just turn that base around. You want to adjust that pose? Just turn the base a little bit. Hours of fun!

Seriously I'm not shitting on the statue, it's a beautiful statue. But...it's a statue. What you see is what you get.

Some of you may not quite grasp the size of a Premium Format, or 1/4th scale in general, so let me stand him next to something you Transformers nerds may have some familiarity with.

Brave Maximus with PF Deadpool. And you thought Max's articulation was shit!
So there you have it. It's a statue, it's a real good statue, if you like Deadpool you should buy one, chickens with dynamite up their ass is funny, statues don't have articulation, this review is super late...you're welcome.


  1. Where's the picture of the INSIDE of the box!?

    1. Fuckin' amatuer, am I right? Lol I kid, great review, Deefuzz!!

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  3. Awesome review Fuzz. Your right man, what you see is what you get when it comes to statues, but I think you did it justice. I also like that you brought some comedic value. Good stuff

  4. Awesome review, Fuzzy. Really enjoyed how it took the piss out of an otherwise cool statue. Keep up the good work.