Inside the box with Ichabod presents:

S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin White Ranger From Tamashii Nations/Bluefin

 The Whitest of ALL rangers. 

 White Tigerzord power all up in this bitch. Tommy Oliver representing his return to the world of MMPR in glorious pearly white. Showing off his new White Ranger power, they just outright stole this costume from Dairanger, and used it to keep a 6th Ranger around when they decided to keep using the Zyuranger costumes. They also used the Dairanger Mechs in this season too.

 The head sculpt looks damn spot on, and while in some pictures posted online it looked a tad big, it looks fine in person. My major issue is the seam line, it seems really present here. The gold looks great, but the black visor has some bleeding on mine. A issue that is sadly, not the only occurrence on this figure. Otherwise I really dig it. I'm not sure how the head seam could have been fixed, but it just seems very obvious on this. The pearly/sparkly white looks great here. 

 His chest shield is a vibrant gold, offset by a nice matte black. The colors look amazing, and there is no major bleeding going on. I'm really happy this turned out the way it did, its a main focal point on the figure and looks damn good. It does hamper the torso articulation, but it is fairly negligible and he can still pull off just about any pose you would want to put him in.

 The belt and arm bands both came out excellently. The arm bands do have the articulation cut, but its a lot less noticeable than the Green ranger's arm, so that's a plus. The tiny gold bicep band has nice clean lines as well. The belt area is a softer gold, much like the other rangers belts, but it is still the same quality as the rest. He doesn't have a morpher on the belt, because Dairanger used a armband style one that disappeared when they changed. So White ranger here is left out of the Dino Buckler symmetry.

 His Calf bands are not as good as the arm ones. The sculpt is great, but the paint on mine is sloppy when it comes to the black. This is a bit if a disappointment, because the MMPR Figuarts have been pretty great in terms of QC issues. I hope this is just a issue with my particular release, and not widespread.

 The elbow articulation is just as good as previous releases. Same with his wrists, it's all gravy here.

 Now the shoulder articulation is a mixed bag. It is extremely hampered by the shield, if you want to maintain the sculpt. Which is a bummer, in a sense. He has huge shoulder pads, and there was no easy way around this. 

 Instead, they made a really cool cut, between the gold line and the edge of the shoulder. Then throw that bitch on a hinge and he can have full articulation at the cost of the sculpt. For most poses, this is barely noticeable. For extreme poses obviously it shows a lot. The hinge is super subtle and not a eyesore at all. Green ranger has a better range of motion with the sculpt intact, but hey this isn't a bad design.

 Everything below the waist is well articulated and has a excellent range of motion. 

 Saba's sheath, it pegs onto the belt, and mine has not had any issues coming off. By swinging around on the peg, it avoids getting in the way of the articulation. As for getting Saba in and out of there....

 You have to break the poor guy in half. It's a pretty solid connection, but I can see it getting loose over time with a lot of use. You just slid the blade half in from the bottom, and peg the top in. It's mildly awkward but not a huge pain.

 The reason they made it a two in one, is because the already needed it to swap blades, Saba can extend for battle. It doesn't seem like much, but it does look huge in his hand. 

 And Saba is well painted! Maintaining the standard set by the other MMPR Figuarts, mine has great paint applications and excellent sculpting. The Tiger Coin is very well sculpted, and honestly I'm quite happy with it.

 And hey, he can use it to talk to him, like in the show because the White ranger needed a talking sword. Man this was the shakiest part they took from Dairanger. In Dairanger, KibaRanger here was a 9 year old kid, and the sword helped him out by hiding his voice, helping him control the zord, and in some instances fighting for him by controlling his body. It was way more logical than Tommy walking around with a talking sword. 

 So White ranger here gets kinda shorted on the accessory count. He gets one full sword, one extended blade to swap in and a Saba holding hand and a other open hand. Also the two fists but everyone gets those. Yeah.

 A lot of flack was given to this once the hand count was revealed and I can understand why. I will say that the ones he does have work really well, but yeah, a few more wouldn't hurt.

 Two Tommy's. One looks....shorter.... hmm..

 and the MMPR team here, White ranger fits in well enough.

 But yeah he is way short. Makes sense because KibaRanger is literally 9 years old. But hilarious because Tommy was the tallest of the MMPR team. On a shelf display this isn't as noticeable, but it does crack me up a bit.

 So he only has two hands, and since his paint job is pearly sparkly white, you can't just give him any ranger hands. How does the metallic Samurai Rangers hands look on him? Not good. At all. they also don't work. So if the lack of hands bothers you, there is no easy fix here.

 Really though, I don't mind the hands he comes with.

 They work just fine for a number of poses.

 See? No major issues here. They are better than the Agito rage hands.

White ranger is a web exclusive in Japan, and a regular release over here, which is always cool. His pearly sparkly white paint job looks cool and helps him to stand out from just being a regular white. Once again, this is my childhood in fancy toy form, so I am pretty happy with him. But he is not the main MMPR 6, he is a the second season addition so I can see some people shying away from him, or getting him to add to the proper Dairanger display. Either way, it's a solid release that has a few paint issues and not a lot of accessories. But you don't have to pay import prices on him, so that is a huge bonus.

Grab yours here at SuperPowerCollectibles.com Also he should be available at the Bluefin Booth at NYCC. This figure was given courtesy of Tamashii nations/Bluefin


  1. Great review Ichabod. Also I gotta add, you put him in some great poses man. Poses can make or break a toy like this. Im actually thinking about picking this guy up now.

    1. Thats awesome to hear!!! And thanks I try to make them look as cool as they are in hand.

  2. If the height really starts to bother anyone, you can disassemble him a bit and put small globs of blue/white/sticky-tack (whatever you call it) inside his head and in the top of his his lower torso. I did that for my Wizard Flame Style to make him a smidge taller and it works pretty well.

    Great review, Ichabod!! I always look forward to your toy reviews :)

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