Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy connected with countless people over the past half-century. I think there is no finer example of a "friend" in popular fiction than Captain Kirk's right-hand man, Mr. Spock. And while Leonard Nimoy was a fantastic actor, he was most certainly not faking Spock's quality of character. To be precise, we loved Mr. Spock because of the man who played him.

The friendships between its characters is what makes STAR TREK so enduring.  How do we grow as a species? How do we overcome the limits of technology and achieve discoveries beyond our imagination? How do we survive in the face of all-surrounding danger? There are many factors that combine towards our heroes finding a way to succeed, but the one that matters most is that they didn't do it alone.

Leonard Nimoy was Spock and Spock was our friend.

Thank you, Leonard.


Video Games and Ichabod


So, let me start off by saying I like Destiny. I love the ideas behind the world, or what tidbits I've managed to gleam off the surface. I want more lore! I like the mechanics, namely the world traversing and the shooting. But I have a problem every time I play – I keep thinking I could be doing something better with my time.