I woke up yesterday to the news that MACROSS, my favorite animated franchise, is launching a new television series. No details have been revealed at this point, but just knowing new material is in the works ignited a fire in me that I haven't felt in a long time. Or perhaps that triple espresso this morning was a bad idea. Regardless, I'm pumped and wanting to channel that energy into the very first Macross Story Time article on this site. Get comfortable, my friends, because we're going way back. Back to when this whole thing started. Back to when I was lied to as a child.


Inside the box with Ichabod presents:

S.H.MonsterArts AvP Alien Warrior from Bluefin/Tamashii Nations!

 Unlike Space, everyone can hear you scream online....


Tangent66: James Gordon's Mustache

The internet tells me that James Gordon, Commissioner of Police, Gotham City first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (1939). Here's what Gordon looked like back when gas cost a goddamn penny for a hundred gallons:

Hitler feared this man.
Now, Western culture has taken many hits over the ensuing decades. All sorts of trends have further diminished the greatness of the white male, mostly due to white males fucking everything up. But one thing was always there to guide us through these uncertain times, a simple but stalwart sentinel of strength- Jim Gordon's mustache. Well, not any more.


Tangent66: My Tribute to James T. Kirk

James T. Kirk.

James! "Motherfucking" T! Kirk!

Take a moment and consider the words I have just written. This man is a goddamn celebration of human potential. Kirk is an all-out menace of excellence. Stop reading this article for a second and open up another tab in your web browser and, no fuck that, I will embed this highlight reel and you can see for yourself the magic, please continue after this break:



Flashback66: G.I. JOE turned me into a stone cold lunch killer

The year was 1985 and I was in my toy-obsessed prime.

"Imagine our white babies, Fraulein!"
I was mostly a science fiction kid due to STAR WARS and my burgeoning interest in STAR TREK, but alongside this began my (unhealthy) obsession with counter-terrorism through the military-industrial behemoth known as task force "G.I. Joe" as depicted in the comic book and contemporary television program, each named "G.I. JOE." What did "G.I." stand for? Who was "Joe?" What is a "weather dominator" and why should we fear it? My mind was filled with wonder at this new world of laser-powered weaponry and 0 death count. I thought the top "Joe" Conrad "Duke" Hauser (RA 213-75-7793) was a competent fellow, perhaps alarmingly Aryan for my 8-year old taste, but nonetheless a pleasant alternative to the likes of "Flint" or the foolish drunkard "Ship-wreck." And I also found his romantic tension with Master Sergeant Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara a refreshing break from the sexless robot adventures of a certain program which shall not be named.  Oh, the drama of protecting the free world!


Inside the box with Ichabod Presents:

Special Guest Review from GIGABEETLE!! S.H. Figuarts Shining Agito!

Shining Agito is the ultimate form of Agito, from the tv show Agito. This is a S H figuarts of just that - Agito.



i.e. Coming Clean. Like Centaurs. 
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