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Special Guest Review from GIGABEETLE!! S.H. Figuarts Shining Agito!

Shining Agito is the ultimate form of Agito, from the tv show Agito. This is a S H figuarts of just that - Agito.

Shining Agito is an almost entirely new sculpt (I think the only parts it shares with other S H figuarts are the usual innards/joints and his head and belt with burning Agito) which is interesting seeing how the rumor (I cannot put enough quotation marks around “rumor” so I’m not even going to try) for the longest time was that he and burning were going to be released as one figure with an armor swap feature. Good thing that didn’t turn out to be true.

Shining Agito is a pretty amazingly articulated S H Figuarts topped off with the 2.0 style shoulders and the ball jointed hips on movable stems which both aloud for some incredible reach in his poses 

This is very much not a repeat of the original Agito (seen in photos above with Shining Agito) in terms of hampered articulation and I am very happy about that. The only qualm I really have with him really articulation wise are the elbows, as in I wish they had a better upwards bend. 

This is a modern Figuart, which is a just very apologist way of saying it has no metal in its feet, but it is made up with some pretty incredible articulation in the ankle and some superb sculpting on the soles.

I have little to say about the head except that it is so good looking it puts many earlier figuarts to shame, it’s just so crisp and those eyes are just so right. His head sits on top of the new-ish style neck joint with an extra segment for better looking down/up poses 

He also has no face swap feature, as that was not something that Agito did in this form. So it makes sense and was entirely unnecessary for me to bring up.

Agito comes with five pairs of hands (fists included), two pairs are for different grips on his SWORDS, and two are variations on open/pose hands. I do find with the way Figuarts wrist joints work that the more “tilted” hands become a bit superfluous but not entirely. The two different kinds of open hands are great though, as Bandai did not skimp out and only include only one or the other type. 

 The belt and chest stone are done in really nice clear see through plastic. I like them a lot.

His backside has really nice “raise” over the shoulder blades, and he has an actual rump to him, which is kind of rare for Figuarts, but helps it a little bit look more like a person. 

The weapons that are included are the Shining Caliber in Twin mode, which means he comes with two swords. And they look good, the purple orb in them is see-through and I have to note they feel sturdy and not floppy like a lot of dolls' swords nowadays do. 

The white on him is less stellar in person than what I thought it would be, that said I do find it works wonders in combination with the shiny slightly light blood red, especially over the matte black that is his under-suit. 

Speaking of the matte black under-suit, I do find it gets “creases” around the hips and over his belly were his chest armor makes contact as you move him about. I also think thanks to a very cheap looking photo effect he comes in my opinion one of the worst Figuarts boxes to date, if that is something that matters to you.

I think this is one pretty fantastic figuart, definitely the best one under the Agito banner. I would say if you think it looks pretty, or you just like it and you are comfortable with the price id say its worth looking into. If not, whatever man. I don’t care. Also he is about 6 inches tall.

BY Alexander Fredriksson / @GIGABEETLE


  1. Yay!!! Giga, you honor us! I am afraid of bugs in general, but you're helping me overcome this fear by placing them on our website. Bugs with rumps trigger joy inside me. I am confused, happy...

  2. More Giga means more problems! Great read Alexander (Giga has a real name?). I welcome more listener content.