Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been receiving quite a bit of (deserved) love on the show lately, originally sparked by Deefuzz and special guest star, Tina, engaging in an amusing chat about the franchise back on episode 39.

The 3DS title has since released, and Secretcode–Preorder66 superfan and mad genius–has created the ultimate in high-end clothing for your term as mayor.

Find out how your character can get some swag after the jump. 

Take a close look at the t-shirt worn by the above character. Yes, that's an in-game replica of TS-01, our first ever Preorder66 t-shirt (still available, btw!). And, best of all, Secret has decided to share the swag with the following QR codes:

Now go out there, rock that PO66 shirt, and tell Tom Nook where to stick it.


And if you want a REAL shirt, they are still available for $15 USD. Email preorder66(at)gmail.com for more info.


  1. To anyone wondering about how to use the QR Codes: After talking to the shy Able Sister for 14+ days in a row, she'll begin to warm up to you and install the QR machine in the store. Talk to her to use it, and make sure you scan the QR codes in order.

  2. I'm really tempted in getting one of the real P066 shirts. Have mediums?