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Godzilla 2014, or "Why its ok to stop fearing, and embrace giant radioactive nuclear change"

 I'm a rather large, dedicated Godzilla fan. It's no secret. So naturally I have been following the tale of Director Gareth Edwards and his job to make a new American Godzilla film. Now, Mr.Edwards directed a more indie movie called "Monsters" about aliens that land on earth and adapt, slowing taking over. But they were more animals just taking territory and defending themselves, rather than showing malicious intent. It was a really cool film, and it showed this guy could take a hokey idea and deliver quality.  So I was ok with him being given the role to make a new Godzilla film, with Hollywood money. And hey, the film could still be utter crap.

But I'm here to talk about the biggest reveal at SDCC 2013, the concepts, and (leaked) images of what Big G himself will look like. This is a big firggen deal, as the 1998 Roland Emmerich film totally fucked it up. And they knew it, they didn't reveal him until the damn movie was in theaters. Edwards had a big job on his shoulders. Make a Godzilla movie that didn't suck, and a design that was faithful to the original, but still was unique enough to be be a carbon copy. Above and below you see a Head shot, and a full body image. Both of these were confirmed as "Near final stages concepts" and both have their ups and downs, but in my opinion are leagues better than the 98 creation.

 He is Big, massive, thick, he oozes power, weight and muscle. He looks like a 340 foot tall hurricane given physical form, and I'm in love. His arms and thighs have thicker scales, his spines look like they could rip something in half, his tail seems like it could topple buildings with ease and grace. He still looks like Godzilla, and yet, he is unique all his own. Something distinctly American. All my fears were lifted, and I think Gareth Edwards will deliver us a true Godzilla movie, not a giant iguana running through new york movie.

And now for the leaked footage, taken from the "Godzilla Experience" outside of SDCC proper. This is something people walked through, seeing the history of the franchise , or at least a taste of it. Then they walked through a elevator, and were taken to a office and saw this:

Yes. This design is amazing. The neck looks thinner, the head looks outright angry and classic Godzilla. he moves with weight and grace. Yes, they could still fuck up this movie, and Godzilla could be utter garbage, but the design has real heart in it. They knew what people wanted, and I think they delivered. Sure just taking any of the many classic Goji suits and CGI-ing them for this would have been cool. But this is new, unique, he looks like a giant monster, a giant dinosaur, not a guy in a suit. And I LOVE the "guy in suit" factor of Godzilla movies, I really do. But they are giving us something that could be amazing. 

I'm going into this movie a bit more hyped than I'd like, admittedly. But C'mon! those little clips are SO DAMN COOL. Hopefully I won't be let down. Maybe I will be. I just know that for the first time in nearly ten years Godzilla is returning to the big screen, and it looks like Gareth Edwards is doing it right.

I implore you to go check out Monsters. Last I saw it was available on NetFlix instant. Watch it. Enjoy, or hate it. But see where the man making our new Godzilla film is coming from. and also Thanks to Skreeonk.com and http://monstersandmaniacs.tumblr.com/ for breaking this news and providing these images.


  1. Never been a Godzilla fan. Actually to be honest Ive never seen a Godzilla movie, so I dunno if Im a fan or not.

    This movie will be my first.

  2. I actually liked the 98 design for a Kaiju.
    But maybe you are right that it was not Godzilla.
    I liked the lean look though.

  3. I too am hyped for this movie. I cant wait. I feel like they really got his proportions right this time. Still looks like classic Godzilla with a bit of modernization added. Personally I love the thick chunk we have going on with im. It gives him that weighted look. Yeah I cant wait for this not to mention the toys/collectibles that will be attached.

  4. Classic Godzilla meets a Saltwater Crocodile, that's what I take from this design & I'm totally in love with it also; I'm pretty Psyched for the 2014 release of this film, like Pacific Rim you know it's gonna be fun at least - I think it's in safe hands. ;)

  5. "I actually liked the 98 design for a Kaiju.
    But maybe you are right that it was not Godzilla."

    That's why his nickname was GINO. 'Godzilla In Name Only'. A good kaiju design, *not* Godzilla. He's been given the official name of 'Zilla' since then.