Inside the box with Ichabod presents:

S.H. MonsterArts Destroyah from Tamashii Nations!

 All Hail the Kaiju Devil
So here he is, finally. This big giant crustacean themed monstrosity does not disappoint. sorta. He is big, beefy and covered in detail, but is he a toy? I don't even know.  I've always loved this design, most of the Hesei era monsters looked great. Destroyah included, but he was always so bulky that I never imagined what a monsterart of him would be like.

 Right out the gate he is impressive. He is immense, and wide. Damn wings. His tail has to be attached out of the box, which makes for a shallow display box, but a wide one. He is utterly covered in detail though, and his wings aren't as fragile as Ghidorah's so that is a huge plus.

He is covered in sculpted, painted detail. I saw so many things here I never noticed before, like the harder spine area and how it is covered in thick scales, or that his wings attach more to his arms than his back, down to the tiny little wings, that have got to be useless. So much love put into this guy. 

 The tail claw! My only complaint is it's not articulated. His tail works like the rest of the SHMA line, being a series of ball joints. There is less pose-ability here than Ghidorah or Godzilla, but barely.

 Speaking of posing this evel looking bastard..... yeah. He does have some knee and hip movement, but man its kind of useless. Don't get me wrong, it could be way worse, and this range of motion does allow for different standing positions, but he's not going to do a rider kick on your shelf.

His elbow/arm movement is much better, he can fully rotate his shoulder, and have inward/outward movement, barring the giant wing in the way. The bicep and elbow move fairly freely, and the wrist has a awesome range.

 Holy crap his claws can open and close! I had no idea they did this until I took him out of the box. It's only three fingers per hand, but it makes posing a lot easier. So expressive!

 Look him reach for you, so cute. But yeah, nice solid shoulder motion.

 All that articulation means he can lunge/lean forward real good. But I give him credit that his center of balance is such he is not going to fall over any time soon.

 Now onto the wings. They attach via some kind of ball joint, I think. It is hard to get in there and check, and I don't want to risk breaking them. They are definitly more sturdy than King Ghidorah's, but also more finicky. KG's was one solid piece. these are made up of a ton of pieces. When they all click together, they look great.

And when they don't they look rough. 

They are made up of pieces that slide together, and ball joints on the main arm of the wing. Not bad, and you can disassemble them to make allow for a easier time getting them to line up. First time out of the box is rough, because you're a tad blind as to what to do.

 But once you realize how the groove together it gets easier. I will say that moving them around does make them a slight pain to constantly have to fiddle with. Though I am a tad annoyed he does not come with the folded down "at rest" wings they use in the movie during the fight. I'm not sure if I would have used them, and maybe that's my answer right there.

 Tiny vestigial wings are pose-able and adorable.

 Look at that gross flesh detail going into this thighs. Like a million red worms. Gah.

 All that amazing carapace looking armor and spikes. He looks like a bacteria that came out of the ocean all mutated and angry and red. I don't want to give this guy a hug. It looks painful. Also the paint work on him is amazing. lots of fading and highlighted red detail.

 His gross spiky-fleshy chest. I do wish it could open or swap out with a open piece, as that was a weapon used in the movie. But it is solid and attached to the torso in a way that a add on is unlikely. His lack of that, and a beam effect part bums me out more than the "at rest" wings. Those I would use!

 More of that deliciously creepy red worm detail, and a gorgeous paint job done on the shoulders and neck.

 HE HAS TEETH BOTH IN AND OUTSIDE HIS MOUTH. Don't forget those souless eyes......

 His headsculpt is damn near amazing. They made his eyes and horn a translucent plastic, with thin paint over it to make it nearly glow in the light. Very nice touch, as his eyes and horn were light up in the movie.

 Burning Godzilla was a big beefy figure. Detroyah puts him to shame. Every bit of him is bigger, he looks like a real threat. While KG was taller, Detroyah has that and mass over Godzilla. I will say that I think Destoryah is a tad smaller than he should be, it is not by much. They really compliment a shelf together. To bad I'm still missing Godzilla Junior.

Overall, your mileage will most certainly vary here. He is kind of a brick, to be honest. But a gorgeous evil looking Kaiju brick, and that makes me happy. I snagged him on sale, and that is the best price to pay. The 150 asking price is a tad high in my opinion, though the Yen was inflated when he came out, which never helps. If you love this design, you will like this figure. If this design terrifies you, this toy will give you nightmares. It is not for everyone, but it most certainly is for me.


  1. Lookin good! Damn good, really. I think this might have won me over, because of how big the figure is.

  2. I may have to avoid this site for a few days... (the horror)

    I mean, I want to be able to sleep!

    1. Seriously, when I first saw this kid I was horrified. I couldn't sleep for a few weeks without having nightmares of this thing. It's still one of the more unbearable designs for me.

  3. Awesome! This was a must own for me. He certainly has a menacing presence on the shelf. Can’t wait for the evolution set.

  4. So much for my present idea. Looks really fucking cool though. Pics on Amazon do not do it justice. Love the creepy worm description, so you.