My Journey Into The World of Transformers Comics

For many many months, my friends on this show have been telling me (gently, because who am I to listen to anyone, right?) to check out some of IDW's Transformers comics. The first series they suggested was "Last Stand of the Wreckers" which I gave a preliminary read last year. Without enough context, I didn't get far in my first attempt. I could tell the book was good, however, I wasn't "in the mood" for a good book, apparently.

Flash-forward to last weekend. A hot, miserable string of days forced me to stay indoors. I got a little stir crazy, I felt the need to distract myself with something new. Bring forth the comics! This time, I asked some of you on Twitter to steer me in the right direction. All of you bastages agreed on one single title- "More Than Meets The Eye" ("MTMTE"). When the heck do you guys agree on anything unanimously?

So, into the world of James Roberts' loving treatment of the Transformers I went, and I'm completely going to re-read all of these issues again and again. My single biggest reaction to MTMTE was an absence of something I've run into with past TF books- that it wasn't trying too hard.  The book breezily switches between comedy, politics, distinct character work, forbidden romance and terror. I never doubted Transformers could be this great, I just never actually saw anyone pull it off!  I feel like this is Francis Ford Coppola's "Transformers" taking place- operatic but extremely intimate. I kiss your pinky ring, James Roberts! I kiss it like Rewind kisses Chromedome in his dreams!

After plowing through MTMTE, I went back to "Last Stand of the Wreckers" and this time I had no problems getting through the 5 issue mini-series. In fact, to anyone who hasn't read any of these books, I recommend starting with MTMTE and then go back to read "Last Stand"- Roberts plays a lot with flashbacks in MTMTE anyway, and the political backstory of Cybertron is fully fleshed out in MTMTE, where it is lightly referenced in "Last Stand"- making MTMTE the better foundation for the backstory in my opinion.

My favorite character from MTMTE? Geez, not an easy call. I love Tailgate and Whirl because they're the most "off" of the group. Cyclonus is fantastic too- the most morally consistent of all the characters, ironically.  I'm sure other characters will take over my top spot as this book develops. When I see James Roberts at TFCon, I'm buying him something alcohol-related.

Grazie, Don Roberts.


  1. Next: If you want an excellent Roberts-penned Prime and Megatron story, check out "Chaos Theory." It sets up a lot of the pre-war flashback stuff. Its issues 22 and 23 of the previous ongoing.

  2. Welcome to the good stuff of Transformers.

  3. MTMTE has been what keeps into the brand, and the recent idw figures are TOP!

  4. MTMTE is a phenomenal book, and easily one of the best comics on the shelf today. RID isnt to bad either, though it has a very different tone, and is a little slower to get rolling.

    Honestly the worst the IDW transformers stuff gets is 'mediocre.' The whole series is worth a read, and i consider it my Transformers universe canon.

    If u are after a non-Robots book, try marvels Daredevil since Mark Waid took over. Another phenomenal read. If you dont like it by the end of issue 1 I'd be very surprised!

    1. Thanks- I've read Mark Waid's DD run, a truly great book. I'm also started reading the entire IDW run of Transformers. We're on the same page, sir!

    2. Well in that case try Ultimate Spider-Man, another excellent book :)

  5. Congrats Adam! I too have just finished the first 2 TPBs of MTMTE and I am in love! Great fucking writer but if you loved this series then I'd suggest you read "The Death of Optimus Prime". That story directly correlates into MTMTE & RID, essentially showing Prime cough up the Matrix to Bumblebee & Rodimus (Hot Rod, he hates that).

  6. Congrats. Just stick far away from Regeneration One, unless you like watching Simon Furman do nothing but masturbate for 22 pages every issue.

  7. People used to describe MTMTE to me, and I used to say, "That sounds like the dumbest fucking idea for a Transformers comic ever. I ain’t reading that!" Then I would kick them in the nuts and rub broken glass in their face.

    Fast forward, a bit, I really wanted something to read, so I picked up the first TPB. I obviously had fairly low expectations. What a stupid premise for a TF comic! But after just the first issue, I was turning pages with mouth agape, thinking, OH MY CHRIST, THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST WRITTEN COMICS EVER! I seriously adore every panel of every issue. Every speech bubble is like a kiss from Jesus. I probably shouldn’t have rubbed glass in those people’s faces.