February PoopCrate

I made a video, but, like -  fuck this crate.

The box becomes a shitty board game; I got a broken Hex Bug (another fucking Hex Bug? One came with the Transformers crate); dice for said shitty board game; a weird video game teen novel; some card game...I dunno, it was pretty fucking "MEH." And they announced Lego would be involved, which is why I didn't cancel. Turns out Lego was only for the Mega crate. Fuckers.

Listen, I don't want to shit on Loot Crate to shit on it, but these boxes are so fucking inconsistent. One month its some interesting video game themed memorabilia, the next it's all this...junk, tied loosely together I guess? If this was some kind of free thing, I wouldn't complain, but I fucking pay for this. I pay to be disappointed. 

This sums up my experience with Loot Crate so far:


  1. Exactly why I cant get into these "Crates". For the price you pay and what you get for me half of it would go in the garbage and the one thing I do care about I would rather just go buy that one item. Its a great concept, but just doesn't really pay off in the end.

    Great write up Ichabod!!

  2. I've always gotten a bit of morbid satisfaction seeing you open these once a month, but what's made them fun is your good attitude to the mixed bad and the resulting surprised/disappointed result. Come on Lootcrate, that's the standard we've set for you. Pick up your game.

    As always, great write up.

  3. Here's my solution to your problem, Icha:

    CANCEL your subscription. You could also do as I did in December and wait until just mere days before the month's deadline to see the contents of said crate pop up on blogs, and then decide if it is worth your money. This is how I now own Groot socks, but don't have the burden of amassing the junk you now have. I also will save $20 a month that could go to food or other necessities. The $240 a year wasted on this crate program (which clearly upsets you every month) could be used for better purposes. Lose the Crate.

  4. When Loot Crate was first described to me, I thought…
    That’s the most ingenious way to get rid of leftover warehouse garbage