Ichabod and Lootcrate

So this happened today, I rolled the dice and didn't come up snake eyes.


  1. When will Lootcrate do a Playmates Star Trek box? Hehehe... watch us fight over those with knives!

  2. Lootcrate just seems like a way to get a bunch of things that few people would go and buy. They're not bad, it's just... mediocre

    That Groot looks great though

  3. I agree with Ted, while im super interested in lootcrate and some of the other sites doing various "crates" when I watch an unboxing review it always seems to be little nick nacks that normally I would never even think of buying. That's the one thing that always turns me off of these various crates. While its a great idea, I think most of these are packed with just random throw away stuff. Just my opinion because Im sure some are better than others.