Every year at every convention I go to I try to make a conscious effort to document some of the great cosplay that I see. It's difficult to capture them all, and being the person I am I tend not to bother people for pictures the best that I can. With some 130,000+ attendees each day at San Diego Comic-Con it is near impossible to capture them all, but surprisingly I was able to get pictures of more amazing costumes than I have in previous years at SDCC.

This is only a very small sampling of some of the amazing stuff I saw in San Diego this year. Sometimes you just get caught in a wave of people and don't have the ability to swim upstream and be able to get your equipment ready in time to get that shot. One that I really regret missing was a Hugh Heffner Captain Kirk mashup with a gaggle of Star Fleet bunnies surrounding him, but by the time I made it over to take their picture Kirk was ushering them on hastily.

All that being said, here is a very small gallery of some of my favorite costumes (and one effects and make up demo) from San Diego Comic-Con this year.

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