The Sideshow Collectibles booth was one popular place to be during San Diego Comic-Con this year (well honestly it is a popular place to be every SDCC) and there were many great and impressive things on display. SDCC is one of few places where you can really see some of these impressive tributes to our favorite corners of pop culture in person. You know here at Preorder66 we are no strangers to the high end world of Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys, but these items are just out of reach for many and this is the first time some fans get the chance to see the stuff with their own eyes.

But enough about all of that. You don't want to read words about the booth you want images! So here is my collection of the best images I was able to grab during the show (which was difficult thanks to all the people crowding the booth all weekend long).

PROTIP: You can click on that first image and scroll through them all in a much nicer format than scrolling to the bottom of the page on this post. But I do encourage you to scroll to the bottom and use that comments section though!

Now time to preorder EVERYTHING (it's in the site name after all!).

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