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S.H.MonsterArts Mothra 1992 version from Tamashii Nations/Bluefin


 Finally, my third favorite Kaiju gets a good solid toy. Here she is in all her moth-y glory. covered in clean paint work and sculpted detail she does not disappoint at all. This is the "Fuzzy" incarnation of Mothra from 1992's Godzilla Vs Mothra. 

 Dat wingspan.

 Jumping right into the most prominent feature is the wings. Lots of paint is used here, and really they turned out amazing. They have such good clean lines, that could have turned out super messy, even the fade from red to yellow looks great, and the sections that have white and red/orange color stand out. This is one section on her they could not afford to mess up, or it would have ruined the whole figure.

 Her underbelly and legs are done in the creamy white with a good solid black stripe, and it mixes into the orange color so well. Sometimes the SHMA toys don't have the most obvious of paint work, but not Mothra here, she is simply covered in paint applications. The compound eye is as good as one would expect from a company that does tons of Kamen Rider headsculpts. They even catch light in such a way that they "glow" like they occasionally do in the movie. The antenna are cast in a translucent plastic, so they look appropriately thin without being ridiculously fragile. 

 Speaking of her antenna, they are on balljoints! they can move, as well as her beak, and the white mandibles are jointed, but barely move. A lot more articulation on the face than I expected.

 The legs have 3 joints each, giving them a good amount of motion. Unlike Battra, hers stay on and none of them fell off while I was messing with them. The yellow feet don't seem to be jointed, but that is not a huge loss for me. You can get a good range out of them and get some good poses.
 Her wings can only go down so far, but they have a huge range when going upwards. The back halves of each wing are separate from the front half to give a X wing style appearance. Though word of warning, my Right front wing had the pin misfire in assembly so it is looser and doesn't like to stay in certain positions compared to the left wing. Not sure how widespread this issue is, but I think it is pretty rare.

 The other point in her articulation breakdown that surprised me was the amount of range her neck and thorax had. It is pretty damn flexible, giving her some good expressive ability. 

 She can even fly in and attack Godzilla with her feet pretty convincingly. For being a giant Moth, she is pretty fun to pose.

 She gets a stand, like all good air based Monsters should, and it is the exact tampo used on the Battra one only in yellow. I wish they would have gone with the Mothra Symbol used in the film, but I think Tamashii just forgot about it. Most people do. It is very shiny though! You can see Mothra reflected in it.

 Speaking of stands, she gets her own custom body harness. I found it to work better than the one included with Battra, but they are not interchangeable. I tired, and they just are not made for the other's body type.

 It can hold her up at full height though, and it absolutely should be able to.

 Speaking of Battra......

 They are roughly the same size. Battra has more mass on in the legs and body that Mothra, but she has him beat with the wings. More or less, they are the same size, so if you have one and not the other, you get the picture.

 Speaking of Mothra, the Revoltech 1964 Mothra makes an appearance!! They are not in scale with each other at all, but I had her and thought a size comparison would be cool. Plus you can see how the Showa and Heisei designs were different. The changes are subtle, and mostly in the head and body of the Showa design.

 Revoltech Mothra is really tiny... wow..

 Hey big guy!!! I think they both scale well with Godzilla here, and they all look good just hanging out on your (huge) shelf. But seriously these guys take up a lot of shelf real estate.

 This happened. They straight up picked up Godzilla and carried him to the ocean and dropped his ass in. It was spectacular. Poor Battra.... Anyway this show was a total bitch to get set up, but I wanted to show off the scale. I think they nailed it here.

This is a fun toy. Honestly, she is just fun to pose, and makes for a really unique display piece.  I mean seriously, a colorful gigantic moth with a 10 inch wing span and lovely blue eyes? You don't get much more unique than that. Now if you'll excuse her, Mothra has a killer party to attend. 

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This toy was provided courtesy of Bluefin/Tamashii Nations

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  1. I love this figure and am so glad you did a review on her. She's absolutely a delight to pose and play with. The night I finally opened here was accompanied by booze and the original Mothra movie (before her run in with godzilla). It was a good night.