I was lucky (or brave) enough to be the lone Preorder66 member to venture out West to the spectacle that is known as SDCC (short for San Diego Comic Con) this year, and I am barely recovering from the ordeal. This would be my third visit to what some consider "Geek Mecca" and it just continues to escalate to a level of insanity that I cannot even articulate. San Diego is gorgeous as it always is, but come time for SDCC it takes on a whole different persona that is just so difficult to put into words. Even as I watch events unfold throughout the week sometimes the best I can mutter as I shake my head in disbelief is "fucking Comic-Con".
SDCC is such an event that there is almost as much going on outside of the convention center in the surrounding area as there is on the inside. Hotels are transformed, elevators inside covered in wraps that advertise upcoming television shows or films. There are special previews of games, promotions for shows and movies, even special pop-up art exhibits and it is a wonder that I can make it out of all of this unscathed.

There was a mighty fine art exhibit off site which housed a collection of pop culture and superhero related art that came from several contributors. Some pieces were constructed out of LEGO, some pieces used reclaimed art pieces that the artist decided to "touch up" by adding a pop culture related element to it, some were made to emulate a certain period or style, and some were just original pieces. The best thing was this was a free exhibit to just walk in, view, photograph, and chat with fellow nerds about. 

Another off site event was a promotion for the upcoming video game Batman Arkham Knight. The event also helped to celebrate 75 years of Batman by allowing artists to use Batman's cape and cowl as a canvas and try to give it quite a different look. Some of the results were remarkable.

Yes, this one is made out of LEGO

Inside the convention hall crowds mobbed the DC and Marvel booths all weekend long. Marvel had Coulson's car, Lola, on display and brought props and stars out all weekend long. DC continued to celebrate 75 years of Batman putting many of the movie props on display used throughout his cinematic history. The DC booth in particular really was a sight to see even though it was difficult to navigate most of the weekend.

Two of my favorite attractions every SDCC are the Sideshow Collectibles area and the Bandai/Tamashii Nations/Bluefin Distribution side of things. This year the later was divided a bit, keeping all of the Gundam and robot related stuff I know nothing about into the far corner of the convention center by the video games. Gone were the amazing Godzilla dioramas, but we did get a look at some great new upcoming product (Figuarts Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson and Figuarts Luigi from Super Mario Brothers to name a couple). There was also a lovely Dragon Ball Z (from now on shortened to DBZ) diorama on display and since I have a fondness for DBZ in my heart I grabbed a couple images of this as well.

The Sideshow product was so incredible and I spent so much time there that it will have to take a post of it's own. I'll also TRY to highlight some of the cosplay that I saw and loved at SDCC in a separate post. Before I wrap this up let me leave you with a moment of zen, because where else but at a place like SDCC can you see the inside of a fake Hello Kitty house?

You're welcome.

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  1. That LEGO Batman scultpure is beautiful. Great stuff, Dan.