Inside the box with Ichabod presents:

S.H.Figuarts MMPR Blue Ranger from Tamashii Nations/Bluefin 


 Finally we get to Billy, the last official boy of the group when talking about MMPR, representing the Triceratops proudly. Or stuck with it, I forget why they all got chosen to be what they ended up being. Besides the weird coincidence of the black guy being the black ranger, Asian girl being the yellow ranger and the girly girl being the pink ranger. Like....that was totally on purpose, right? The executives HAD to notice it. Hell it was a joke when I was like 8. 

 The triceratops helmet looks great. and it should, it's one of two unique things about this body. The rest is the MMPR body they have been using since Red came out. If you want to see more of that in detail go look at his review over here. Nothing has been changed with it for the worse. I will say the color and paint look great. 

 The faint but obvious Tricera coin is there, and like the others you can see what it should be but the spectacular amount of detail is missing. It's still fine for how actually small it is in person. I think green is the only one that had a coin with a lot of detail but his is just a foot. So it's pretty easy.

 Hey he sure can pose! whooooooooooooooooo

 His accessory count is around the same as the Black ranger, folded up blaster, combined blaster, set of Sais, combined sais, and hands. Still better than the White ranger!

 A twisted version of the Triceratops horns, the Sai were a perfect fit for the Blue ranger, one of the only weapons that "makes sense" in my head for them when it comes to animal themed weapons. The paint work they do have is good, but they are lacking the Coin symbol, instead having just a plain gold circle. Sadly this has been a trend for everyone but Red/Green. It's not a deal breaker, but for a detail nut like myself it bugs me.

 Oh boy, this thing. So he could combine his sai in the show to make a huge double bladed staff. And instead we get this super dinky version. I know why it happened, because in a book Tamashii used for the details of the weapons it showed this, and they didn't catch it until the figure loadouts had been budgeted already. I doubt we will see the proper long version anytime soon. The detail on this is just as spectacular as on the single versions though. Right down to the gold circle.

 He also comes with these, more weapons to make the combined one. They look great, but I lack the Pink and Yellow rangers to compare them. At least the connections are solid.


 He has good tight griping hands for holding the small sai, which you'd expect. 

 Seriously they are almost to tight. If the hands didn't have a bit of give to them, I could see you breaking the sai. But I'd rather have that, instead of them falling out all the time.

 I think he looks a tad doofy just holding this short version of the staff. 


 Ok, not bad. I really wish he had a longer version but I digress. The same hands can hold this as the regular ones (surprise!!) And you can get a two hand pose out of it, but with how small it is it looks extra dumb. Also he has gun holding hands to hold the combined blaster but I hate that thing so forget wasting my time taking a pic of that lol.

He is the same height wise, because they use the same bodies. Shocking, I know.

I like this figure. I think it's a great version of Billy the Blue Ranger, and if you like MMPR and want the full team it is a easy and satisfying purchase. If for whatever reason you were on the fence, let me alleviate your fears and say he is still just as cool and fun as the other MMPR guys. Grab one here, if you'd like.

This was provided courtesy of Bluefin/Tamashii Nations. 

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  1. As pumped as I was when I heard that MMPR was getting the Figuarts treatment, in reality I can't really justify buying slight variants of what is essentially the same toy over and over.

    That being said, I'm so glad that you've been posting these reviews! Its really nice to be able to enjoy these things from afar. They do look great and oh man I'm sure they are stunning as a team. I'd love to see the whole set in person.