Inside the box with Ichabod Presents:

S.H. Figuarts Blue & Yellow Wind Rangers from Bluefin/Tamashii Nations

 Finally, a guy as yellow ranger...wait...

 And here we are hitting that Ninja Storm train again! I'm taking a different approach with this review, as yellow is literally the same bunch as Red, and blue is very similar herself, so some of the sections will be a bit smaller than normal. Getting into the paint, it's all pretty impeccable on my copies with the chest tampographs looking good. and I do love that gold piece on the black belt.

 The Wind morphers are both unique like they should be, which is a nice touch. Sadly they lack the symbols on them like they have on the prop, but with something this small it's a 50/50 shot if it turns out so I can see why they didn't do it.

 The helmets are both fantastic looking. The details are sharp, the gold paint is nice and crisp and the white lines are well done.Yellow's head feels a tad small, but it could just be the overall shape of the helmet. I don't know for sure.

 Hey look, Yellow can pose like no other! if you want more detail about his articulation, check out the Red Wind Ranger review, considering it's literally the exact same body.

 Blue here is a female body type, so hers is a tad different.  The torso has the same amount of range as Red/Yellow but her skirt does get in the way of the legs. Outward motion is unhampered, but forward motion is, if only slightly. No high kicks for her. It is made of a softer material though so it can flex some. The rest of the articulation is essentially the same as the boys though.

 Wow......they come with a buttload of hands and a solid amount of weapons. They have some ninja hands, and the roll call pose hands, and individual hands for the different weapons. If this amount happened because they didn't tampo the morphers, I'm very ok with that.

 The ninja weapons look great in each ranger's possession.

 The Sonic Fin has some great paintwork and sculpting, and is hilariously enough a megaphone. Because when I think Ninjas I think a loud ass megaphone. The hand made for holding it does a great job doing so.

 The Lion Hammer here is pretty light actually. Nice looking gold on black for the handle, and hey it has the proper symbol on it. Yay!

 Some good solid paintwork and sculpting on the Lion head too.

 So they look like they can combine, but they totally can't. I shaved some paint trying, so save yourself the trouble and don't.

 Overall these weapons are show accurate and they rangers are fun to pose holding them. Win/Win.

 Ranger Hi-five!

 I love these Ninja pose hands.

 Nice solid team here. As you can clearly see, they look smashing with Red, and that rules.

 Oh look, the same body.....

 Unsurprisingly, Blue is shorter than Red, because Blue is shorter than Yellow.


 All in all this is a very solid two pack of supporting team members. Did you like Red Wind ranger? Do you like Ninja Storm? If yes, what are you doing buy these right now. Go here and buy them. All those hands, multiple weapons, two solid fun figures? What's not to love here. 

These were provided courtesy of Tamashii Nations/Bluefin

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