Every once in a blue moon, I get this strong urge to grab my smart phone and snap pics of my toys out in the wild. No fancy camera, no crazy setup - just nature and plastic. I generally throw these sorts of things on twitter, where they are quickly lost in the current of cat pics, lunch snaps, dick jokes, retweets of obscure Japanese stuff and the latest robot drama.

As PREORDER66.COM (the website celebrating one year of life today, BTW!) is an extension of the cast and our love of pop-culture, toys, etc., I figured it was time to add a new segment to the site - TOYING AROUND. This week, I took some snaps of a NECA figure.

I know, not even remotely "high-end." Indulge me, folks.

Today, inspiration struck when I made an impulse purchase - NECA's 6" tall (12" head to tail) 2014 Godzilla figure. You'll hear the cast's thoughts on the new film when EP60 releases relatively soon(ish), but I'll throw down a SPOILER for the EP here: I may not have LOVED it, but big G stole the show and I'm completely embracing his modern design. I'm looking forward to the Tamashii Nations S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla 2014 figure of the big bruiser later this year (damn right I preordered that!), but an irresponsible voice in my head said I should pick up a "beater" Godzilla in the meantime - a toy I can put through the ringer and expose to the elements in a way I'd be unwilling to do with the higher-priced SHMA figures.

So, 19 bucks later, I have a NECA Godzilla. And I have to say, this guy is a leap up from my relatively low expectations. His articulation is surprisingly fantastic, and he gets high marks on my main scale for toy judgement - SASSINESS. For a guy who spends his 15 minutes of screen time beating the hell out of young lovers for being on his lawn and having unprotected kaiju sex, he sure can achieve some poses that would make the ladies blush. I mean, think about it: 2014 Godzilla is the ultimate cockblocker. Those poor kids. What a dick.

Where was I? Oh yeah - I bought a NECA figure. It's a fun toy for the $15-20 price point. And I bought him just to drown him in pond water. I guess I'm kind of a dick, too.

Enough with the rambling! Time for the purdy pictures. Put on some Godzilla music and enjoy this look at NECA's Godzilla - in glorious PondVision.™

"Godzilla is the Son of the Atomic Bomb...the Sacred Beast of the Apocalypse."

-Tomoyuki Tanaka, Godzilla Producer

"He's also all about family values. No sex without marriage on his watch. Cockblockzilla."

-Daniel Douglas, Dumb Toy Nerd



  1. This is the kind of stuff I love. No set up just raw random photos taken with a phone. I used to be all about setting up my shots for a nice photo and what not, but I figured that shits for when you want to do a review and really want to showcase the figure for others. The real fun is with shoots like this, just getting down and dirty. So awesome!