Ichabod's Thoughts on Godzilla 2014 (Spoiler free)

Godzilla 2014 mini talk

So, for the first time in 14 years I entered a theater to see a new Godzilla movie. And was it ever a Godzilla movie. Back in 1998 at the tender age of 13 I saw the TriStar pictures Godzilla. It was a giant monster movie, but it didn't have that feel. Even then I saw it more as a monster than Godzilla. The big G and I go way back, to the late 80's when my mom would rent me VHS tapes from the video store next to the liquor store, come home and sit me down in front of whatever I picked out. One time I grabbed 1974's Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla and that was a life changing experience. Ever since then I loved everything Godzilla. From the big vinyl Imperial Godzilla figures to the movies to the weird white castle toys.

 So trust me, in 1997-98 I was as hyped as a 13 year old could get. A NEW GODZILLA MOVIE OMG NO WAY!!! And it was a crappy Godzilla movie. Right around then, thanks to a local monster store called Primeval Creations (which sadly doesn't exist anymore) I got a book called "A Critical History and Filmography of Toho's Godzilla Series"

 It was a lovely, thick leather tome dedictaed to every Godzilla movie from 1954 to 1995. Wait...1995? and this is 1998?! I MISSED SOME GODZILLA MOVIES!?!?! Most of the "hesei" era of films (1985-1995) didn;t get US Releases. Godzilla 1985 and Godzilla Vs Biollante did, but the rest, nothing. Then began an epic quest to the only place I knew that might have it, the local comic book store. There I found all of them on glorious Bootleg, and at 19.99 each, I saved up and bought each one. I fell in love all over again.

But once I finished these, that was it. I had a great series of films spanning 1954 to 1995 and the crappy 1998 american one. It was a good time and I loved each one but no more Godzilla new movies for me. Now you might be wondering when I'll get to 2014 Godzilla, and we're getting there, I promise. But in late '99 I got my first gateway computer, or my family did. and that's when I found out about Japan's response to the American Godzilla. They were bringing him back for a new movie to be released in 2000, called Godzilla Millennium. And it was getting a stateside release.

August 18th my butt was in a theater watching this. The dubbing was bad, the movies was dumb but holy crap it was Godzilla and it was MY Godzilla. none of this over grown iguana bullshit. This was the tried and true big mean atomic breath dealing machine. the rest of the '00's spawned a few more Godzilla movies, and in 2004 we got Final wars. Japan's big anniversary send off to the Big guy, and that was......it. No more plans for the foreseeable future. Sure he wasn't dead forever, but it was gonna be a long time before we got another new true Godzilla film. Ten years to be exact. 

Here we are. The day this movie finally comes out, and is it ever a Godzilla movie. Gareth Edwards did it right, people. yes, it has it's issue, it is not a perfect movie. But holy shit was it a fun ride. Godzilla commands a presence in this. Every time he is on screen it feels like even the film itself is awed. It's well shot, it has good actors, and great kaiju scenes. It beat out any expectation I had for it, and it beat them into the ground. I said i'd keep this spoiler free, and I will so I can't go to into detail with what I loved and what I didn't like. But what I didn't like did not derail my enjoyment from this movie. Godzilla looked amazing on screen, and the destruction was fantastic. A few more Godzilla scenes wouldn't have hurt, sure. It was a good fun ride, and I'm very happy with that. Once it's been out longer I will likely spill my guts and do a full spoilerific review, so look forward to that I guess?


  1. Good stuff. I totally agree. It has a few mishaps, but over all I was happy. It was great seeing this in theaters. Apparently its already lined up for a sequel. I loved it.

  2. Same here. Edwards did G *right*. The way he should be for his first *REAL* outing from american shores...the way of Jaws, Alien, Predator. The buildup to seeing him full on. The fakeout of the first bit of the movie (At least for those like me who avoided seeking out spoilers or information)... It was a fakeout to ME at least.

    It needed just a TOUCH more G. We got plenty of other stuff, but maybe...Ten minutes of G more, even if the movie had to be made longer to fit...Just a *hair* more...would have pushed this movie from 4.5 to a full five stars from me, even with the minor other flaws. It's still an excellent piece of cinematic wonderment, but it's just *inches* from being effectively perfect.

    Personally, I think it's tied with Final Wars in my mind for being the best G movie. maybe a hair behind, maybe a hair ahead.

  3. I think your feelings towards the film very much reflect my own, dude; I'm greatly looking forward to the "Tangents" segment where you & the other blokes discuss this monster of a film, as well as your extended review! :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed Godzilla 2014 from "Go to Whoa" and can't wait for this thing to land on Blu-Ray! - Bring on the 2 planned sequels! :D

  4. Glad to see you post on this film. Man I loved this thing. Was it a good movie? I don't know, probably not. Did I love the fuck out of it? Hell yes.