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S.H. Figuarts MMPR Black Ranger from Tamashii Nations/Bluefin

 Hey there Vash....

 Hey look at that! It's the Mastodon Ranger. In all his sharp black glory. Seriously this guy looks great.

 Look at that helmet! The detailing on it is pretty fantastic, and the paint work is superb.  Seeing it up close like this I really appreciate it more than I ever did as a kid. It almost looks like they skinned a Mastodon head and pulled it over the helmet, in a super creepy way.

 His Dino buckler and coin are well represented here, with the more subtle sculpting like on Red ranger, it's clearly the coin just not as pronounced. Also mine has a obvious sprue mark there, which is a tad disappointing.
 His articulation is on par with everything we've come to expect from this MMPR line. He can bring a fist up to vow justice, and raise a invisible glass to the sky in celebration.

 His torso articulation can provide him the range for a might headbutt.

 And the legs can easily slip into a deadly Rider Kick.

 Power axe, Combined blade blaster, and hands hands hands. Also a Blade Blaster made for the holster. No blade or blaster mode. 

 And yes, he can do the MASTODON pose.

 Oh boy it's this thing again. At least the paintwork is nice.

 This is the last time you'll be seeing this weapon.

 So, the Power Axe. It's a big ole meaty axe made for choppin fools.

 Up close the yellow paint looks nice and crisp but...somethings missing. It doesn't have the Mastodon coin tampo the Red Rangers Power sword has. This really bugs me because it's so big. it SHOULD be there, but it isnt't. That's pretty disappointing.

 Though he can wield it really well due to the hands included, and who doesn't look great wielding a big ole axe?

 He can also use it as a gun, which is cool. He has hands for that too. 

 And he can use it like a sick guitar, bro!!

 He also comes with these things, the weapons to help make the combined weapon they use. Apparently this is a afterthought and is being worked into the budget of the last three figures. I wish he at least came with his version of the combined power axe.....

 He scales nicely with the Red Ranger, which makes sense because the bodies are nearly identical.
 The current group shot minus pink who I don't have yet.

Honestly this is a weird release. Zack comes with some odd accessory choices, but he has mostly everything I'd want him to have minus the two missing blade blasters. This is a weird line of Figuarts. The only reason we really got more than Red and Green were due to MMPR's popularity in USA, but they still feel like "web exclusives" if that makes sense. Adam here isn't a bad figure by far, I think he looks really striking but the odd load out of stuff, and the missing axe tampo really scream second tier character to me. If you've skipped this line for whatever reason so far and just love Zachadam he is totally worth grabbing.

Grab yours right over here

Thanks to Bluefin for the review sample.

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