On the morning of Christmas Eve, PREORDER66's Ichabod (Joe Wedeman) suffered a car crash. While he made it out physically fine (thank God!), his car is wrecked, and Joe has no financial means to replace it. As you've heard on the show, Joe lost his job recently and has been trying to get back in the work force. Having no car or means of transportation puts him at a great disadvantage. Insurance won't cover the damages, and Joe still owes $2800 on a now destroyed vehicle. Joe needs funds to buy a low-end used car to get him back on his feet. All money raised will go directly to the purchase of the new vehicle. Joe has always selflessly been there for his friends in time of crisis. It's our turn to be there for him. Please consider helping Ichabod this holiday season.

You can make a kind donation here.

Thank you!

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