Inside the box with Ichabod presents:

MRX-010 PSYCHO GUNDAM Mk-II Neo Zeon Ver. (Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite #1010) From Bandai/Tamashii nations/Bluefin

 A face only a psycho could love. 

 BAM! Look at this big sexy purple beast. So this is my first experience with a Gundam you don't build. I had no idea what to expect. I have not heard much about the Fix Figuration series, so this really was a huge surprise for me. It is big, beefy, and HEFTY. Lots of diecast in his body, in various parts. Also the paint application, and decal work is superb. All those white markings are tampo'd on and are all super clean. Nothing feels like molded plastic, it all appears to be painted, right down to a matte coat put on top of it. Mine came super clean and crisp.

 Getting a closer look at the torso, it is kinda wide and squat, at least in the torso section. Every inch of him feels covered in mechanical detail. This is a much more realistic version, the one in the anime was obviously a lot less mechanically detailed.

Those tampos are so crisp and clean, and stunning. The fit and finish on this mech is nuts. I love the cold slants for eyes, it makes it look evil.

 Legs for days. This is a design quirk from Katoki Hajime, who was the producer on this guy. Lots of labels and long legs. But it works here, it is a giant, clocking in at 12 inches tall, the legs need to be long. Also all of those Yellow circles covering the body are Beam Cannons. It's is literally covered in lasers.

The back has more beam cannons, and thrusters, as well as a conspicuous looking object.

 The shield, which pegs together from two pieces, and a third to connect them and plug into the arm. The connecting piece has a rotation on it, so you can move it as wanted. It too, is gigantic. The way it pegs together can be a bit fiddly, but once it's all plugged in it holds together well.

 Mmmm look at those knee tubes.... 

 Even the feet are covered in detail! Also huge ankle tilts!

 You can see that the lettering is actual letters, just in a super tiny font. You'd need a magnifying glass to read it, but such a cool detail to include.

 Yup, crotch and foot boosters. This giant needs all the help it can get to get off the ground.

 The backpacks open up to reveal close reflector bit pods, that are removeable. 

 And it comes with 6 open Reflector Bits, stands not included.

Very tiny, and very grey.

 So it comes with 6, but no way to display them. I grabbed a Tamashii stage, and it works ok, but they lack of way to position these around feels like a misstep. Mine just sit in the box. The whole point of these is to position these around the Psycho Gundam and it reflects it's beam attacks so it has all range attack capability, but the lack of ability to position them around it is weird.

 Extendo hands! The black wires have metal in them so they are bendy, but it can't support the weight of the arm by itself, so you need another stand to do that. 

 It's cool but once again the lack of easy display for this is a bit of a oversight. It really feels like it was included because fans would complain if it wasn't, but no option to display it feels like lack of commitment to the gimmick.

 It comes with a pair of articulated hands, besides the regular fists. Also Every finger is it's own beam cannon.

 The fingers are articulated at the hand and that's it. No other joints exist for the sausage beam fingers.

 Speaking of articulation, this guy has some!  The elbow barely hits 90 degrees, and while the should is on a solid swivel, it's got a separate piece for outward movement. the wrist is on a hinged peg, but can't really move that much.

 The knee barely moves, the hips do have some range, but due to the hip skirt, not a ton. The Ankles are amazing though, so there's that.

 Yeah....it's not one to dynamically pose. Not a bad thing, as this giant beast of a mech doesn't need to what with guns everywhere. But, compared to a lot of the Gundam models out there, it can be fairly limited

 It's head can turn, barely.

 So, the arm panels can be removed for shield usage. and the piece pops back in just as easily.

 The head crest, it has two of them. One is a very soft, rubbery plastic on the yellow bits, and the other is very ridged and hard. It comes packaged with the softer one on, and the differences between the two are so subtle it almost doesn't matter. Try and guess which set is which. But mine was slightly bent, so I used the ridged one for most of these pictures. it makes sense later on why the rubber one was included. 

 I've mentioned this mech as being huge, and gigantic, but allow me to give you a sense of scale. Show here is the Bandai Real Grade Titans RX-178 Mk.II, in 1/144th scale. From the same series/timeline as Psycho Gundam. As far as I can tell, from everything I looked up online, they are in the same scale. That's right, this monster is 1/144th scale at 12 fricken inches tall! WHAT A BEAST. 


 It also comes with the coolest stand in town. A lovely solid white, with info tampo'd on it, the stand has numerous locks on it. The head has a pin to allow for free motion, or locked positions, and the bas has tow separate arms, both with locks. I wish this was standard on a lot of toys.

 Fully extended, and lockable. Pretty fricken cool.

 The piece used to hold Psycho in mech mode, is a very thick, transparent plastic, and locks pegs onto the head securely.

 And it looks so classy there, with it's stand. Also it can support him fully extended, though I wouldn't because of how hefty this piece is.

 I mentioned a lot of diecast, and besides the chunk inside the torso/hips, the legs are riddled with it. Look inside the ankles here and see how much gokin they threw in here. It really helps add to the weight, and the engineering it amazing.

 Why so engineered? Because it becomes a mobile fortress. What a giant wedge of 80's anime goodness. This mode is so dumb, but great at the same time. Also getting it into this is way more complicated than I would have thought! The shield is the only part the "Part forms" everything else is self contained. 

 That rubber v-fin is best used for this mode, as it needs to fold up, then be slid into the top spire there. The head slides forward, pushes down, then slides back and locks the neck into place. 

 The entire chest move forward, allowing the should pads to pull up and push inward, it's all really fun and complicated, feeling almost over engineered.

 The shoulders pull out, a piece flips down, then they move forward and slide back, while the wrists pull out and the fists go into the torso, the entire elbow actually pivots back on a separate sliding mechanism. 

 The way the legs come apart and collapse down is fantastic. Those are the thighs connecting with the ankles! All in all the transformation is really well engineered. The first time through I had some problems, but by the second time I had it down. This mode is so weird, and the mode I left it like this the more it grew on me. 

 It comes with a separate arm to hold this mode on the display stand. Being on solid transparent arm, it is not nearly as cool as the other one, but it gets the job done.

 The feet peg into a clear base that helps hold the weight, while the back pops into a friction arm. I feel less confident about this holding in long term displays, honestly.

 Still as beefy as ever.

This is a huge gigantic purple mech and I love it. The design is pretty unique for Gundam standards, and it translates pretty well into this hyper detailed realistic version. While not as pose able as normal models, it has a level of finish to it that only a master modeler could provide. The engineering to get it to transform, combined with the amount of diecast in it makes the price point make sense, and at 160 bucks on average it is certainly a high end Gundam piece. Lots of places have it for sale, and local comic shops would likely order it upon request, if you asked nicely.

This toy was provided courtesy of Bluefin distribution.


  1. Man I would love to get both the Psycho Gundams eventually to go with my Robot Damashiis... but... so big...

  2. I have both Psychos and there fantastic. Its unfortunate that Fix Figuration was pretty much replaced by what is now Robot Damashii or Tamashii depending on how you spell it. Regardless if you have a chance to get these guys there fantastic, i really love all the decals and notations across the body.

  3. Did you say ankle tilt? OBVIOUSLY GOOD TOY