Inside the Box with Ichabod presents:

S.H.Figuarts Krillen (klilyn) from Tamashii Nations/Bluefin!

 I never understood what those forehead dots were all about.....

 Right off the bat, lets talk about the Name. The box say Klilyn, but we all say Krillen. Apparently the head guys at Toei and Bandai Japan made Klilyn his official English name some odd years ago, and they refused to change it for the box of this Tamashii release, even though Bluefin begged them to. So now the box is stuck saying "Klilyn" and looks almost bootleg but it's totally legit. I promise. 

 He is a solid little dude! The baggy outfit looks almost like real cloth, with folds sculpted in, coming off very natural. It's mostly orange, with some blue thrown in there to mix it up, and the blue is very clean and crisp. The symbols are tampos, and look great. I forget what it says.....Turtle? I dunno.

 The sleeves of his outfit are pegged into the upper arm, so they freely move with his arms, and they can mostly be adjusted to look more natural, but due to the cuts, it doesn't always happen. Overall this is preferable than a solid piece, restricting movement.

 For having such a baggy outfit, he has surprisingly good leg articulation. The arms are good too, but with how naked they are you would expect that. The legs have folds sculpted in such a way it looks like he can realistically bend his leg, Piccolo did a similar thing, but not as well. The boots and ankles have an awesome range, and are dark enough that you can barely notice the joint.

 As you can see here, the way it was sculpted gives off a more natural look, but the knee does kinda kill that.

 His torso has the smallest middle section I have seen. It is nearly engulfed by his chest and crotch, but it gives him some great forward motion. The neck is jointed at the base of the head and the torso, so it has good range as well.

 Just a quick note, but they sculpted knuckles and fingernails on all of his hands. That is pretty freaking awesome.

 The joints give him a good range to be a expressive little dude.

 Powering up before a fight? Mad that Goku stole the last slice of pizza? You decide!

 He has multiple HEADS. That's right, heads. He comes with a total of four heads, instead of face swaps. This is so much better than a face swap cutting into the sculpting. Kudos to you Tamashii for not cutting corners here. They are all pretty damn expressive, with the smiling one being my favorite. You'll notice a weird orange block attached to them in the tray. This is done to help pop them out of the plastic tray, due to their round shape. It pegs into its own individual hole so it doesn't affect the neck attachment point. Also they thankfully swap out super easily.

 Speaking of not cutting corners, LOOK AT ALL THOSE HANDS! Seven full pairs, and one solo hand. He has the ability to really get into goofy or kick ass poses with these. All of them are super detailed, and peg on and off just as easily as the heads.

 They are attached to a wrist peg that has more of a peg coming out of it than the ball a lot of Figuarts use. I worry about it snapping if pressed in the wrong direction, but otherwise it was fine.

 He can be focusing his power...

 Or doing the classic "Scream for half an episode and charge up" move they did ALL THE TIME.

 The hands and heads make a lovely pair that gives this toy a huge amount of posing possibility. 

 Here he has a screaming migraine. With a head like that, I would too.

 And my favorite head of the set. I think it absolutely captures the comic relief nature of Krillen's character.

 And rounding out the set, the Destructo Disc. 

 The only really use for that solo hand, it pegs into the hand and disc, with a nice sturdy connection. The disc is made up of two semi-clear pieces of plastic, connected in the middle by a peg. The two pieces give this thing some depth it otherwise wouldn't have. Also it is super light, so he can hold it with relative ease. Not to mention that it is pretty big, and he already came with a ton of stuff.


 He's tiny. But so solid, he weighs more than most Figuarts. I sadly don't have any of the Goku's they've released but he looks to be in scale with them. With everything they packed into this box, his small size really doesn't end up making him feel like a cop out. 

 Yay Alpaca!!!

Overall this is a really solid release for a character that constantly got his ass kicked, killed and was the comic relief. He comes packed with a ton of stuff, and his price is only 39.99. Yes he is small, but look at all the love they poured into this tiny package! He is really just a fun little figure to get, and you can make all your other Figuart DBZ villans beat him up. Really, who could say no to that face? Also if you're curious, check out my Figuarts Vegeta Review as he is still mostly available, and regular Goku is coming soon. He is available at most Online retailers.

This toy was provided courtesy of Bluefin/Tamashii Nations.

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