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S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin Green Ranger With SDCC EX stand from Tamashii Nations/Bluefin

The most popular ranger ever.

 Hey! another MMPR Figuarts review. You guys all knew this was coming, it was teased back in the Red ranger review. And he does not disappoint!

 Damn, I think Green's helmet is my favorite from the MMPR show.  Its just so angular and that black visor is amazing. All the paint work looks top notch, with little to no bleeding. The seam line on the helmet is noticeable, but it's not something that majorly bugs me. It could even just be my version that has it a bit more apparent than normal. The helmet has such a sheen to it, you can see the chest shield reflected in it. 

 The chest shield has good crisp lines. Along with the arm bands, the gold used here is fantastic and looks just like it did on the show. It is a very hard ridged plastic, so it does not have any give to it. The gold armbands are molded onto the arms, while the chest is a individual piece.

 The boots and gloves both came out well. The Gloves do have the elbow cut, so the gold ring is broken, but the way the joint bleeds into the forearm using the green works for me, and the boots don't have that issue. Both have good clean paint apps.

 The morpher here is way crisper than Red ranger, which is funny because they essentially came out at the same time. Green's has a lot clearer detail, including the Dragon coin, which is very visible. The Dragon Dagger sit in the black sheath very well. Not as tight as the gun sits in Red ranger's but not as loose as previous sentai releases. It doesn't like to fall out, and doesn't feel like it will get stuck.

 Thankfully the shield does not hinder any of the ab crunch, and he retains a great range of motion in his chest, as good as Red's.

 The elbow articulation is top notch, along with the wrist, nothing changed from Red or any of the sentai figuarts. A good solid range of motion.

 His shoulders are a different story, though.  The shield gets in the way, limiting alot of upward movement. It's to be expected, as the shield is a rigid plastic, but still a tad disappointing. I generally don't pose my figures in cheer leading poses, so really it doesn't affect me, but it is a hindrance in articulation.

 Speaking of the shield, it is sort of not removable.  You can do it if you remove the head, and the entire arm assembley, and even then it is on there pretty solid so it doesn't rattle around. It feels like part of the chest, and without some slight modding, you can't really remove it. This is a mixed bag. I like how it doesn't rattle around, that would be very annoying, but he does have a few appearances where it is removed. I hope down the road they do a version of Green where he is shieldless, but I'm not sure how they would justify the release. Maybe a two-pack with another character. Either way, I wouldn't try to remove it unless you don't mind the risk of breaking it.

 His hip, knee, ankle and foot articulation are all amazing. Quite a bit of movement and allows for a wide range of poses.

 The dragon dagger is sculpted amazingly. All that tiny sculpted detail, and all of it painted damn well. Even that green line is on their pretty straight. This is a integral accessory and it does not disappoint.

 He comes with a few hands to allow him to "play" the Dragon Dagger, and getting him into a pose to do it is fairly easy.

 And he looks like a bad ass doing it. Now is all we need is a SRC DragonZord, to hang out with Tommy here.

 The sword of Darkness is also pretty damn well sculpted, looking sharp enough to cut you. The red gem is translucent, with silver paint on the pack to make it glow, and the rest of the paint is pretty crisp. My only issue is the white on the sword handle looks a bit to glossy and fake, more like paint that a hilt.

 He has a pretty specific set of hands to hold it tightly, and it is almost scary sliding it in, but it is a illusion. Just be careful and don't jam it in, and you won't snap off the red dangly bit. The more circular hand gives you a good solid grip, and no paint transfer.

 You can stirke a good duel weilding pose, for his fight with Red in the show, which was pretty awesome. Though the Zyuranger version is way better.

 How that fight should have ended. Man, as a kid Green ranger was a badass. He still is.

Remember the time he became giant and fought the Megazord? Yeah, MMPR got way weird at times.
Or that time the evil version using the sword of darkness fought the good version. Woof.

 You can even recreate the scene where he uses the flute on handed,  making a his shield into a actual forcefield.

 I've talked about the Stand set in my Red Ranger review, and my feelings haven't changed. Its a solid stand, with a ugly design. Though the Tampo is good and crisp, it's still not my thing.

 DRAGONZORD! He always yelled that, while every other ranger yelled out the name of the actual dinosaur. I guess just yelling DRAGON was dumb. 

 His lovely set of hands. a lot are for flute poses, or his roll call pose, they all provide a a lot of options for expressive poses. These, plus the fists give you 5 sets of hands, way better than say, two. Poor White ranger :(

 Him and Red do look fantastic together, and makes me want the rest of the team eve more. Green seems a bit shorter, but I can't put my finger on it if he is, or its just the pose he's in. Also his green color is way more show accurate than I the teal he seems here. My camera could not capture it properly, no matter how hard I tried.

Stupid sexy green ranger. Overall this is another solid release in the MMPR Figuarts line. He is the best version of the character we've gotten, or really, are likely to get. He comes with all the accessories you'd want him to, and fleshes out the main MMPR cast. Also he has a bunch of unique parts and his belt buckle is way more detailed. If you like MMPR at all, I really recommend this guy.  Hop on over to Super Power Collectibles to grab yours, as well as pre-order the upcoming armored Red ranger and Pink ranger. If the stand set is something you're interested in the Stand set, which has three unique stand in it head over to Bluefin's direct store and grab them. These items were provided courtesy of Bluefin/Tamashi Nations.

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  1. Great review ichabod!! I love the shot with SRC megazord, totally works :D