Inside the box with Ichabod presents:

S.H. Figuarts Armored Red Ranger with SDCC Ex stage from Tamashii Nations/Bluefin

 Red ranger, now with more gooooooooooooooold

 Armored Red ranger, a much more meaningful character in Zyuranger than in MMPR, gets the glorious Figuarts treatment. He's looking pretty great, what with his gold bling and all. 

 As you can see, he is pretty much the Red ranger with the gold shield. But don't count that against him, he has some improvements.

 Like Armored Red's new gold morpher. The new Tyranno coin is much more defined than the regular Red's, and I enjoy that a lot. Also it has the gold highlights, like Green's. His belt has an added holster and hole on the side for the Dragon Dagger, but other wise he is identical. 

 Same amazing head sculpt, same profile, and I kind of like him shielded more. Just a tad.

 His poseability is very on par with the rest of the ranger Figuarts. The elbow and wrists have zero hindrances, same with the pull down hips, knees, and ankles. Really, this is the same body used for the Green ranger with Red's gloves, so it has not had much changes from that.

 The shoulder poseability is limited due to the shield, so his roll call pose is hindered but otherwise the shoulders work just fine, and only suffer in how high they can raise.

 His dragon dagger and Tyranno sword are the exact same molds used previously.

 The minor paint differences (only noticeable this close) show the sword's coin has less black than the regular release, but that really just seems to be paint differences. 

 Same with the Dragon Dagger here. Really, if I didn't say Armored Red's was on the right, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference. This is a huge plus though - sometimes when the same accessories get packed in they can be a different mold, or have less paint or both. It's nice to see the same molds and paint quality used here, and in the individual releases. Really feels like they went all out on these three.

 He comes with the flute playing hands packed in with Green, so he can realistically summon the Dragonzord power and kick some ass.

 Duel wielding a sword and a dagger is something every ranger should aspire to.

 And you can throw him into an assortment of poses. Now if only I had a giant tentacled heart monster to re-enact some scenes. Did I mention MMPR got weird at times?

 Armored Red is still a bit taller than Green, and he only uses the Shield and bicep pieces from him. I'm not sure if the chest underneath is the same, but it might be? Once again Armored Red's shield is not really intended to be removable. Remove it at your own risk - though really I have no idea why one would want to. It's not like he ever took it off and used it as a weapon. 


 The Armored Red stand. The final of the 3 pack, it's just as "eh" to me as the others. 

 His hand count is a nice mix from the Red and Green release. He has the roll call hands, flute playing hands, Dragon Dagger hands, and Tyranno sword hands. Plus his fists -  not a bad count really.

 The three MMPR releases so far, all of them look pretty great together, even though canonically it makes zero sense. I'm way happy these are getting released and given so much love over here. 

 Those meaningful looks at the Dragon Dagger when Jason is using it had WAY more meaning in Zyuranger. Him getting this power was a big deal, and it was near the end of the series so it was not shown all that often. Like 3 episodes, in both shows. But hey, they made a awesome toy of it!

Armored Red ranger is a really solid release in the MMPR Figuarts line. He has the power of a Tyrannosaurus and a Dragon, what's not to love? He is kind of a weird release though, because people may just care about the main 6. I'm kind of all in for this line, as MMPR is a childhood favorite of mine. This figure does not disappoint at all, really. But he is kind of a niche release. He will be available first at NYCC, then everywhere else, and if you're not going to NYCC you can still grab him at SuperPowerCollectibles.com and the stand set is still available at Bluefin's online store. This figure and stand were provided courtesy of Tamashii Nations/Bluefin.

Check out my Red Ranger review here and my Green Ranger review here to see the other two MMPR Figuarts.


  1. Holy cow ichabod!!! How did you do that????????? Amazing review as always, and I am definitely surprised!!

  2. I'm thinking about picking this up at NYCC now.

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