Inside the box with Ichabod presents:

Robot Spirits Gundam Geminass 01 from Tamashii Nations/Bluefin

 A Gundamn is a Gundam is a Gundam.....

 Gundam Geminass here is apparently from a novel set in the Gundam Wing universe. I learned this today! It also explains some of the similarities between this and the Wing Gundam I noticed. Anyway, Geminass here is rocking the Red/White/Blue/Some Yellow that Gundams rock. Paint is looking nice and crisp, and the flat finish that these Robot Spirits usually have gives this guy a lovely look.

 All the mechanical details you want on a Gundam are present and accounted for. The sculpting is nice and crisp, with no mushy details. For how small he is, the detail on the face is pretty amazing.

 Shoulders and Arms are handled well. While the shoulder pads get in the way, the bicep swivel right under the torso connection helps to negate the big ole Gundam pads. And the elbow gets a good double joint. The wrist is a figuarts style ball joint.

 With next to no backwards motion, and only a bit of a forward motion, they torso joints leaves a bit to be desired. 

 The hips, though - wowzers. He can do a full-on split, and all the hip skirt blades don't pop off!  The knees have a rocking double joint and ball ankles give the feet some good motion. Below the waist, this guy is A-ok.

 This is a Gundam ass Gundam. No getting around that.

 Accessories! Look at all that crap!

 The gun can store in the shield, which rocks. The clip that plugs into the arm, and then into the shield is terrifying to connect. It's a weird u-clip that bends when you put pressure on it, which you have to do to plug it into the shield. Mine didn't break, thankfully, but it's something to watch out for.

 Yeah! Gundams with giant accelerator rifles.

 Yes, he can reach back to pull out the beam sabers. Always a plus in my book.

 The beam saber plugs into either hand, but is meant to be used with the one that is larger. It fits into the hands snugly, much like the rifle and never fell out, until I pulled it out.

 Double beam sabers! There is a clip for Tamashii stages, and since he is so light, the stage holds him up with zero problems.

 Adding all the booster armor means popping off the shoulder pads. Which is easy to do. Way, way easy. Like, stupid easy. I wish the connection was more sturdy.

 Leg boosters plug into the back of the calf, and then clip onto the sides for support. This is a super solid connection, way better than either set of shoulder pads.

 Added here are all the super parts, including a very Wing Gundam Zero wing pack. The instructions call these booster packs, so I'm gonna think of them like the Macross Fast Packs. it adds some bulk and depth to the figure, and a bit of weight. All the added pieces really don't interfere with the articulation much. Knees get a bit less movement, and the shoulders pop off easier.

 The shoulders have panels that open up like air intakes. Neat.

 Also, the outer bit of the wing pack moves. Like air brakes? I dunno, it's a cool feature, I suppose. 

 Adding in all the weapons really makes the booster mode more badass. All armored up and fast and armed to the teeth. It looks good on a stand too, all flying around space, cutting things up.

Sass, sass, sass.

All in all, this is a fun little figure of a design and suit I didn't know existed. The articulation is swell, and the amount of options with accessories rock. Grab yours right over here

This toy was provided courtesy of Tamashii Nations/Bluefin.


  1. "This is a Gundam ass Gundam."

    I love you, Joe.

  2. I've also not seen this suit before, but after your review, I kinda want it, so good job!

  3. Most of the EFSF designs all look the same. It isn't until you start looking over the Zeon designs that you get a bit more character. Gundam once again proves that usually the bad guys always have cooler designs.