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S.H.MonsterArts Rebirth Godzilla from Tamshii Nations/Bluefin 

The King of the Monsters is back!

 Look at that glorious bastard up there. All Heisei and Beefcake and just pure Monster. Today we're looking at the Rebirth version of Godzilla, or grown up junior. This is a weird ass release, because it's not really cannon. You get one, smokey glimpse of him and nothing ever again, because the series he was in ended. Or you could use it as a more articulated release of the Heisei Godzilla. He is covered in paint, and not just straight black like the original SHMA Godzilla. 

 Getting a bit more up close, you can see all the detail that went into the skin,  and the grey/green paint that covers this guy. Now, this figure is literally the same mold as the Burning Godzilla version, just cast in solid plastic instead of the semi-translucent we got before.

 The paint work on the eyes is amazing. The paintwork on the teeth, no so much. It is a softer tooth sculpt, but that is a general problem all SHMA releases have. The teeth have a bit more red on them, to be picky. Honestly though from a regular display view, it is very hard to tell. 

 His spines are all painted grey with that darker center, and really I think they look amazing.

 The other major paint application here is the nails. A yellow tinted bone, they look like giant monster nails, and don't have any major paint slop.

 Articulation...He can stand like this....

 Or get down in a good crouch like this. This Rebirth here shares the exact same body as Burning G, and ends up with the same articulation so he can really get down. 

 You can get him more slouched forward to make him have a similar stance as Junior. But normally he towers over him, and rightfully so.

 Speaking of similarities to burning G, he has the same set of "angrier" claws that can swap out. They look good.

 Also a BREATH EFFECT HOLY CRAP!!! It's a straight recast of the blue version that came with the original Godzilla, and the version that was packaged in the first bonus pack that never made it over here.

 And he can utilize it well enough. 

 Speaking of original G, you can really see the difference between the 1991-1994 suit and the Destroyah suit. Bigger, larger spines placed higher up and longer tail. Unless you are super picky, this works fine as a Heisei stand in, but purists will find it a bit harder to swallow.

Parent and Child. Original and Repaint.

 I do think they look cool together. And in my opinion can display together on the same shelf.

 This is my version of the dumb "Optimus Prime shakes Rodimus Prime's hand" that every transformer toy seems to want to do for whatever reason. Speaking of weirdness, My G's left leg was loose, but so was my Burning G's. So it's a mold thing. It didn't hamper my posing or anything but it might scare you out of the box.

 Evolution of the beast.

 What to do with all these Godzilla? GODZILLAS OF THE GALAXY!!

This is a fun toy, simply to have a more traditionally painted, highly articulated Heisei Godzilla. His paint is actually more like how Godzilla appears on screen, versus the hard charcoal the suits were painted with. If you want a Heisei Godzilla, and don't own the original one, this is the toy to get. If you have the original Godzilla and want a more articulated one, this is the toy to get. What I'm trying to say here is this is the definitive Heisei Godzilla toy and if you are interested in Godzilla, or SH MonsterArts and want a good Godzilla, Get this one. Get him HERE

This figure was provided courtesy of Bluefin and Tamashii Nations.

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