Inside the box with Ichabod presents:

Super Robot Chogokin Shin Getter Robo from Tamashii Nations/Bluefin

 I couldn't even fit this entire thing in frame.

 Shin Getter was the third Revoltech I bought. I got it from White Wizard, a now closed store. I bought him solely on the design alone, and he was a pretty fantastic little toy. This guy makes him look like a happy meal toy.

 Covered in detail, diecast and sharp edges, this toy brings its A-game. Clean paint apps all over and crisp detail, nothing soft or mushy here.  And those arm blades are seriously sharp - they nearly drew blood.

 The green lines are done in two styles: on some parts they are clear green over silver, and on other it's just metallic green paint. Both look good and help to add depth around the figure.

 The torso articulation is pretty nuts, giving a wide range of motion both forward and back. The wrists are on a ball, and have decent range. The elbows are fantastic, even pulling forward and out of the bicep to give a better degree of motion. 

 Those big shoulders initially appear to be hampered, but pull out of the torso to give a much wider range considering the size of them. They move forward quite a bit as well.

 The metal joint pulls outward and upward to not let the gigantic shoulders get in the way at all. What a lovely bit of engineering. 

 The hips provide a Figuart style joint of pulling downward to give you better range, and the knees! Oh boy, the knees. They have a wonderful collapsing bit in the thigh to allow for better posing. The designers over at Tamashii went all out here it seems.

 I don't know why the neck does this, but it makes me crack up profusely.
 His wing pack plugs in here and comes out pretty easy...

 Though I think Shin looks a tad silly without it.

 Look at those hands. And stomach piece. And GIGANTO scythe!

 Abdomen pops out, weaponized abdomen pops in. Now that's a navel piercing with purpose. No beam effect but it still looks neat.

 The scythe is so big, it has a metal rod to help support it. Very nice touch.



 And he holds it fairly well. It takes a bit to get it into the hands meant to hold it, but the hand has a spot sculpted into it to better grasp the scythe.

 And he can two-hand it, which is always a plus.

 What's this little grey plug, you ask?

 Why a stand clip, of course! he plugs unto his rear, and does an okay job of supporting him. I did find that after a bit, it came out. This is a fairly heavy toy, so a clip that went a bit deeper might have been wise.

 He feels gigantic in your hands, and while Shin is big, it's not a massive toy. Compared to the SRC Megazord, he is barely taller. Though he does have significant mass on Rider 1.

 Yup, he is a well balanced toy. The shoulder, hips, and ankle joints are all diecast, as well as the legs and feet, giving this guy some HEFT. That combined with the amount of articulation makes him a toy to be reckoned with.

 Stupid sexy Shin Getter.

Honestly, this guy is great. I am not super informed on much of the Getter Robo history but I love the designs on all of them and wound up with a few toys here and there. This guy doesn't disappoint me, just in design and engineering alone. He's fun to mess around with and that is always a good thing. Plus you could kill a man with him.

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  1. He's pretty impressive. And yes, those spikes got me a few times. That crazy neck joint can rock back to look straight up, or straight ahead in a flying pose. That's the only reason I can think of for it.

  2. I wish they would do the others Shin Ryger and Shin Poesidon. Getter 1 always gets all the love in any of the Getters series.