It's a Different Jurassic World Than Where You Come From.

If Preorder66 ever happened to be given creative control of a summer blockbuster sequel (I have to be very specific here), it would resemble something very close to JURASSIC WORLD.

Colin Trevorrow is a filmmaker. He made a charming indie pic called SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED. That film got Trevorrow's name elevated to some high profile gigs. There were (unfounded) rumors that he was up for the S7AR WARS gig! Instead, the nuanced "small movie" director of "the best film since LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE" got the 4th Jurassic Park film. And how the fanboys rejoiced! Finally, a director who knows characters and storytelling is going to resurrect the wayward dino series. Well, about that...

JURASSIC WORLD is neither small, nor character-driven, nor does it seek to resurrect the sincerity of the original film. Nonetheless, this movie is very much a fan of the original-the homages are very clearly thrown in our faces, and they work really well. But the film makes a critical decision from the outset that elevates it beyond simple sequel material. It decided that the very idea of this theme park existing is completely absurd. And then it decided that the people working at such a place are insane/delusional. AND THEN IT DECIDED TO MAKE VELOCIRAPTORS MEMBERS OF A BIKER GANG!

Vincent D'Onofrio (a supporting actor in this ballpit of a film) makes all the right choices as a... I don't even know what he was doing on the park. There are scenes where D'Onofrio is eating something, but you don't see him actually having food in his hands. D'Onofrio's shirt is 3 sizes too small. He wiggles around the sets and he talks about wolf puppies and hen-houses and nature. Everything that he does is perfect, and it's emblematic of what Trevorrow's doing with the entire film.

I don't want to ruin anything for you but just know that there's a lot of GOODFELLAS happening in the Chris Pratt/Raptor Wolf Pack subplot- about being a part of a family, about betraying that family and about trying to pick up the pieces by the end of the tale. And the Raptors seemingly find Pratt amusing (Funny? Like a clown?).

No, I'm not drunk, I'm writing this sober you disbelieving jerks.

There is so much absurdity in this film that it cannot be accidental. Sometimes, dinosaurs just yell at nothing, like they're shitty actors. I think JURASSIC WORLD is a new genre of film- a hybrid, much like it's lead bad guy dinosaur. It's a mix of satire, blockbuster action and precise levels of horror to keep everything moving. I never felt bounced out of this film. I also never took it too seriously. That's not an easy thing to pull off. I think the closest we've seen to this type of film is something by the Coen Brothers. Something that just lacks dinosaurs. Well, that's no longer the case because we have JURASSIC WORLD.



  1. I loved this movie. I agree whole heartedly!!!!

  2. I went in with real low expectations and came out with a smile. I just thought it was the typical fun summer blockbuster film. I also would say that while people may hate me for this, but as much as I love
    the first film I don't have much nostalgia for it. So this was a cross of a remake and an all around new film for me. Overall a simple fun movie.

  3. where the fuck is my podcast?

  4. Yeah, those boys at TFW are taking the piss. Podcast67 for Episode 7.