Empir3 Talks: Mad Max Fury Road

That movie may have taken all of my adrenaline...

   So I just got back from Fury Road and man what a ride. Now I still haven't gone back and watched 2 and 3 yet but this movie has me pumped for more! I think it works for new viewers and long time fans alike.

  This movie hits the ground running and never really stops. But much like the recent Dredd movie the world feels lived in and you get a real sense of culture to the world. I think it's makes a perfect introduction to the new generation without shrugging away the old films. Even though I felt Max was the secondary character at times he was well done and you could tell he's been through a lot. Tom Hardy continues to really own the roles he does in my opinion. I hope he gets to reprise his role in a sequel and I wouldn't mind Charlize Theron coming back as well.

   If you are looking g for an action filled ride you have found it. The set pieces and action in this film are glorious and it's also got a certain beauty to it. The shots really bring this world to life and you can see its a tough life to live there. Even in the pain though there is beauty to be found. I really liked the night scenes with the marsh. Aside from the great cinematography there is a whole slew of practical effects to enjoy. Sure cg adds to it all but it was great to see them use as much practical effects as they did.

    This is a movie if you love action or chase films it is well worth your time. Don't go expecting huge plot twists and you will enjoy yourself. This takes the big 80s action and runs with it. Being rated R it doesn't pull any punches which is always nice. So let me know what you think and enjoy!


  1. It was a two hour, super exciting car chase, and I don't mind. I'm really hoping Charlize Theron comes back as she was actually a super interesting addition and I think now that she's established she and Hardy can be a really dynamic duo with her being the sane specialist and he being the insane "walks off and causes explosions"