Ichabod's Year End List

Ichabod's Top Five things He Loved from the Year Two Thousand and Fourteen.

Hi, readers! I figured I'd do a quick list of things I have really enjoyed this year. A "Top 5," if you will. This is just a little something I have been thinking of, and figured, "why not?"

Masterpiece Transformers. Seriously, Takara Tomy has been knocking it out of the park with this line...to the point that I am only really collecting these, Transformers toy-wise. Great characters, great engineering, and finally a toy line all kinda in-scale. It's a fantastic line, and I love it.

Bayonetta 2. So I loved the first Bayonetta game and I played it until there was literally nothing left to do. From the action, to the style, to the character designs, it just hit me in all the right places. So a sequel, exclusive to a Nintendo platform, really made me worried. But I was very wrong. The sequel was utterly fantastic, and improved on many things that I didn't realize needed improvement. Now if only we could get some merch from both games.....

Star Trek: The Original Series. I didn't give this show a good chance until this year, and, frankly, it has been an amazing ride. Some episodes are...rough, but a lot of them are utterly fantastic (and if we're talking "Mudd's Women," FantASStic) and way ahead of their time. For a show from the 60's, it doesn't always show it's age. 

EVERYONE GETTING THE STAR WARS TOY LICENSE. Seriously: Tamashii, Kaiyodo, Medicom, Hot Toys--and many, many others, I'm sure--all pumping out new and weird and sometimes TERRIBLE product. It's fantastic to see so many new versions of classic characters, pulled away from the greedy and "safe" hands of Hasbro. Am I going to buy all or any of it? Likely, no. But, man, do I love that it exists. If this was the Ichabod of 2001, I would be SO FUCKING SWAMPED in Star Wars toys.  

Godzilla. From Legendary's Movie, to Toho announcing new Japanese films, to SH MonsterArts, to even NECA putting out Classic Godzilla stuff, It's everywhere and I am in Kaiju heaven. It has been a great year to be a Godzilla fan...although every year is a great year to be a Godzilla fan, if you ask me (except 1998, we...we don't talk about 1998).

Honorable Mention goes to Funko for being Batshit crazy enough to do merch of fucking every license that has ever existed or will exist.

So that's that. I'm looking forward to what weird and crazy stuff  2015 brings. Maybe leave some of your lists in the comments? I dunno, man. I'm a podcaster, not a cop.


  1. I thought your motto was "FUCK (insert product name)". To be honest I didn't know your capable of liking anything.

  2. Nice list! I honestly wasn't expecting Bayonetta 2 to be here, that was neat