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Eric Draven from The Crow by Hot Toys

"Guess it's not a good day to be a bad guy, huh, Skank?"

 Eric Draven - all up in this bitch. Back from the dead, even though this is the really real world. And what a lovely figure it is. 

 I think the portrait does a god job of capturing Brandon Lee's likeness. This FEELS like Eric, and, looking at it from the side, it looks like Lee, at least to me. I know these things are subjective, but unlike Hot Toys' Bruce Banner – which is a rough, rough sculpt – this, while not 100% perfect, is damn good. The gorgeously painted details help tremendously.

 All the details on the costume are there. From the twine and electrical tape used to patch up his fucked up shirt, to the healed bullet wounds all over the chest. The leather coat is great, too. It looks and hangs much like a real coat. The same is true for the leather pants – they sit pretty close to how they should And the tiny detailing on the buttons is great.

 The boots have a slight plastic tint to them, but they are soft and pliable, which helps with posing. The pants aren't too tight – he can move around freely. But, as with most 1/6th Hot Toys offerings, I don't recommend rigorous play.

 The back and arm of the coat even have the blade and bullet holes like they should. This is a great, great touch.

"I'm looking for something in an engagement ring. Gold..."
They sculpted the actual ring as seen in the movie. It's fantastic.

 Under the coat, we can see the attention to detail has not been spared. The torn up shirt has electrical tape gauntlets, which are non-removable. That's fine –  they really have no need to be. He has no musculature under the shirt, just a normal True Type thin body. This is fine, as that's one less rubber body to worry about cracking. I do think they nailed the build of Lee, though. He was not a huge guy, and not nearly as ripped as his father, so it makes sense to go with the choice they made here.

 Rock out with your Crow out. 

 The custom-built Ibanez guitar is represented well here, with a real leather strap and actual strings. Also, some white grease paint on the black surface makes it feel like a real used prop, and not just something thrown in. I dig it, and I thought I wouldn't care.

 He comes with some open hands, some fists, and ones that can hold things that he doesn't come with. I know the Exclusive version came with a weather vane weapon, but I didn't get that. I do appreciate how naturally the Guitar hangs from the strap, though.

 The actual Crow with the pretty eyes here is a solid chunk of plastic. I think it looks very much like a crow in flight. I think they could have done a bit more with it, though I don't know what they could have changed.

 It has a long, clear stand and a weighted base. Both things are quite effective in holding it up.

 All in all, this is a solid version of Eric Draven. For the crafting that went into it, especially the coat, I still think the retail price is a bit high. But the price I got him for was an absolute steal. Well worth it, and it doesn't feel like its about to break, either. The extra wrist pegs are a nice touch.  If you really like 1994's The Crow, I think you would really enjoy this figure. I know, that seems so obvious, but hey, what do you want from me?

Victims, aren't we all?

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