Inside the box with Ichabod presents:

S.H.Figuarts Sailor Jupiter from Bluefin/Tamashii Nations

 It's Sailor Scout time!!

 It has been a while since I've Sailor Scouted.  Lets fix that.

 Jupiter here has a lovely shade of dark metallic green, much like Moon's metallic blue. The pink and white on the outfit also have a metallic sheen to them, making her outfit really pop against the skin tone and dark brown hair. All the little details are there and painted well, from the white shoelaces to the tiny pink earrings. It's all done really well, honestly. 

 Speaking of the hair, it is on a neat little ball joint, so you can move it around to match your pose...or forget about it like I did for most of these pictures! Ha ha. Oops.

 The articulation is executed just as well as Moon's, considering the bodies used are nearly identical. 

 She comes with a named heart stand, a ton of hands, a few faces and a hair piece with a large gold rod sticking out of it.

 The face swaps are exactly the same as Moon's, so you can interchange them if you don't care about eye color and whatnot.

 Her angry face is my favorite, she's all mad and yelling...

 ...and can really rock it out at a metal concert, too.

 You get the hands to do her name call pose, which rocks...

 ...and her weird head-electrical-horn-attack pose. I really have no idea what this thing is called or what it's supposed to do, but it looks neat.

 She TOWERS over Moon. I assume this is intentional. Either way, you can see a lot of the parts are new, but the same. They do look great together.

 Yay, soda! See, she's young, so I'm not handing her the Vodka bottle, ok? Happy now, people?

 And now she is fighting Melon for no reason, because that's what heroes do when they first meet in every medium ever.

Yes, I used melon because he has a similar color to Jupiter.
Overall, this is a perfectly fine, fun figure. She is as poseable as you would need her to be. She can balance without the stand, but I used it because it was far easier to do so. If you like Sailor Moon at all, this is a must have. If you just casually like Sailor moon, she's still pretty alright.

Grab yours right over here.
Sailor Jupiter was provided courtesy of Bluefin.


  1. Love this figure. Best so far I think, and my second favorite character.

  2. She is indeed taller on purpose. All the scouts are scaled to each other, with Jupiter the tallest and Saturn the shortest (So far). Its absolutely worth getting them all.