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MP Prowl and MP Streak from Takara-Tomy

 Stupid sexy Datsuns......

 Damn! Look at these fine hunks of sexy 80's robots! All sleek and chunky all in the same 'bot. A faithful recreation of their cartoon and original toys, Prowl and Streak here are just....amazing.  Also very similar, but that's part of their charm. Right out of the gate their proportions match the cartoon amazingly well. They have a bit of a lanky leg syndrome, but that is accurate. It doesn't really bug me that much, but sometimes my eye catches it and it looks weird.

 Being the same mold, they are essentially the same toy. Besides the unique headsculpts, Streak lacks the light bars, and has his roof windows unpainted. They both have the weird tech detail but it's only visible on streak, helping to set him apart. The tech detail is weird, not sure why they did that.

 The crotch piece is also unique here, which I didn't initially notice in early pictures shown of him, but in person it stands out, though for the casual viewer might not catch it.

 Everything else is exactly the same, minus paint.

 I think Streak's red legs looks a bit more striking, with the red continuing into the car bits, looking more like armor. It creates a neat effect.

 Hey look, it's very nearly the same figure! Really, I'm not upset by this. The original 3 toys were the exact same way, and then had a few minor changes made to them in the animation. And the paint is so different that it sets them apart so much.

 This is my main issue with this mold, I feel they could have done something to fill in the empty spaces in their legs. It's just sorta gappy and ugly. That is my only main issue here.

 They each have missile launchers that hide behind the roof of the car, and extend out for deployed mode. They look ok, and amazon.jp versions came with a more faithful to the toy version, as well as third party companies are doing their own, if you hate these. Due to them being deployed from behind him, they can move up and down.

 Here is how they look without them, and them deployed. They do a good job hiding back there, and staying out of the way.

 Articulated hands! And they do a GREAT job of holding the gun. MP Sideswipe had some issues there, and it's been fixed here. It pegs into the hand, and the fingers really don't have any effect on holding of the gun. This is something so simple, but easily botched, and they executed it perfectly here.

 The guns are exactly the same besides the color of the handles. I love how 80's this design is.

 And hey, they can pose. Like all transformers, a lot of the joints double as transformation points, so the articulation is oddly limited in some spots. Overall though they are still fairly pose able, but kneeling is difficult. And hey, Ankle tilts so toy of the year.

 Streak in car mode, because I think this is the sexier of the car modes. That black and grey just.....so damn sexy. The car mode faithfully recreates a 1983 Datsun 280ZX, or more commonly known as a Fairlady Z. With licensing granted from Nissan, it damn well better have looked like that car.

 His car mode is almost as tall as robot mode, so you end up with a hefty car. Also the underside doesn't look like a car, but it also doesn't look like a robot. It's a nice mix of nothing.


 Prowl's car mode is also sexy, just not as sexy as Streak. Sorry prowl. The transformation is pretty simple, compared to MP Sideswipe. The most challenging part is collapsing down the feet and legs, and mostly because it has to be done in the right order. As far as MP transformers go, he is a very very solidly engineered toy.

 Both of them, a lot of car sex. Wait.....no. Not like that. 

 Following in the footsteps of MP Sideswipe, his gun has a battle mode for the car. You transform it by pushing the handle forward, and there you go.

 Prowl's gun mounts behind the light bar, and it looks like a car with a giant gun on it.

 Streak's is hidden, and a bit more complicated. It's there, right in the middle.

 In order to get it out, I had to do all of this after he was in car mode. Ugh. 

 And he looks just as silly as prowl. Maybe more so. At least Prowl has the excuse of being a cop car, and thus it might make sense to be driving around with a giant gun on your roof.

 Look at those sexy cars.

 And hey, with their leader, MP Optimus Prime. I think the scale works really well here. It looks like Spike could easily drive all three.

 And they can Roll out of Prime's trailer. As advertised. 

The scale looks a little off, just a bit. They need to be, maybe a head taller. But man, Look at that Autobot team! I am missing a few, but it's the 80's cartoon cast in glorious modern toy tech. I love it. This is a solid mold, and I really hope it comes to some kind of American retailer. As of now, it's only available via import sites, and mostly sold out. They are little balls of wonderful engineering though, and people need to be able to easily experience this mold.

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